#RugbyChat EP56 – What is this League of Nations?

Agustín Pichot has proposed a League of Nations which we discuss also World Rugby is looking at funding a women's competition for the Southern Hemisphere. But what might be more interesting is news of an international player getting drunk, falling asleep it the road and getting run over by a car! Luckily he is not... Continue Reading →

#RugbyChat EP27 – Rugby Cliches

It was a full house this week on the #RugbyChat podcast! Debutant Jessjoined Ashwin, Mike and I  as we reacted to Round 2 of Super Rugby2018. The 5 and a bit Questions we tackled this week were: Q1 What was your favorite moment of the Super Rugby weekend? Tangent Injuries in the game Q2 It’s early days... Continue Reading →

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