World Rugby U20s Championship 2016 Semi-Final Predictions

This has been the most competitive U20s Championship that I can remember and the first that New Zealand haven't made the main semi-finals. Here are my predictions. Here is a link to my round-up of last weekend's action. How did your round 3 predictions go? 6 from 6, after 2 50% rounds it's great to... Continue Reading →

World Rugby U20s Championship 2016 Preview

For some reason the Junior Rugby World Championship has bee renamed this year to the World Rugby U20s Championship. Either way it's the opportunity for the next generation of players to test themselves against their counterparts from the rest of the world. Here is my preview. How does it work? The 12 teams are divided... Continue Reading →

Junior Rugby World Championship 2015 Finals predictions

It feels like the tournament has only just started and the finals are upon us! Here are my predictions. First here is a link to my review of the semi finals. How did the semi final predictions go? 3 from 6, got the obvious ones and didn't get the upsets basically. Argentina U20 v Japan... Continue Reading →

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