The Coffee Library

Just because you're on the beach why can't you have all modern lifes' luxuries? So far every time we have been down to 66 beach we turn left and get some loungers and an umbrella. But today I had a look at what was to the right. One of the places is The Coffee Library... Continue Reading →

D’Lande Cafe

Found my favorite cafe in Bali, I have liked others but this one has that little extra. This is first biker cafe! It's next door and part of a Harley Davidson rental place. I'm no biker but they have done out this place very well. There are lots if picture and little sayings on the... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Diner

Spotted this place as we were driving from the airport and wanted to go. There probably is a diner in Singapore but not one that anyone raves about, so haven't been to one in a while. Luckily our second villa is within a dangerous walking distance. Why can't they build footpaths? Anyway been there twice,... Continue Reading →


Another Saturday another afternoon of rugby. Decided to try another bar this week on Jl. Kunti due to the better food options afterwards. LilzBah is nicely fitted out with 3 big screens and even a projector upstairs if it gets full. The problem is for watching rugby in the afternoon it was empty and so... Continue Reading →

Warung Cahaya

This is a local Warung that it's very unlikely you'll come across or go to unless you stay in a villa next door. Warung Cahaya is in no-mans land between the main road and the beach in Seminyak. An area not fully developed with fields dotted with villas and other developments many still under construction.... Continue Reading →

Naughty Nuri’s Warung

This is one that you will probably find written about all over. Even the taxi driver said he drops several people off here everyday. We went to the Seminyak one but apparently the original is elsewhere in Bali. The decor is great with big pig statues everywhere including hanging from the ceiling. It's all about... Continue Reading →

Cafe Rawit

Ventured a little further this time but only a couple of mins in a taxi. The thing that attracted us to Cafe Rawit was the inventive kids meals. So let's get straight into the kids meals. There are 2 options but both our kids went for the rice one over the noodles. It came with... Continue Reading →

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