#RugbyChat EP69 – Radical Rugby Laws

Ashwin, Steven and I look at radical rugby laws that could help to clean up the game and make it easier to referee. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or your favourite podcasting app: https://soundcloud.com/drivingmaul/radical-rugby-laws-rugbychat-ep69/s-9DJxC If you would like to see how the magic is made, you can watch the show on YouTube, or Periscope: https://youtu.be/JiFRt9qfgtk Don’t Miss Out Don’t... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – World Rugby Tinkers With The Laws

World Rugby has decided to tinker with the rugby laws again. This time they are changing 6 laws around the scrum and tackle/ruck. They are intending to simplify the laws for the referees and also improve player welfare. These aims are clearly laudable but have World Rugby got it right this time? Here are my... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – Where’s My Law Book Gone?

Recently there were reports that Word Rugby had put together a 4 man team to reduce the Law Book by 50%. This caused the typical social media response of lots of complaints and questions until the article was read. Here are my thoughts on cutting the Rugby Law book in half from my Live Stream... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk “It’s Not Rugby”

The conversation about the non-rucks and offside has moved on to "It's Not Rugby" and it's a negative tactic. Here are my thoughts on if it's rugby and negatives tactics from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. https://youtu.be/T9-OnRBBkpg Here is a link to my video about rucks and offside that I mention in the video. Support DrivingMaul As Patron @EsseHunter said on... Continue Reading →

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