Espresso Coffee School

Bumped into this little hole in the wall between meetings. Planned on doing another post but loved this little place so thought I'd strike whilst the iron was hot. It's just a little place on Swanson Street, only got 2 tables inside one of which is an old school desk. Clearly most people will just... Continue Reading →

Citrus Cafe

A lovely little local cafĂ©. Hidden down Meadowbank Road towards the train station is a small row of shops that is fairly nondescript, even if it does house our local fish & chip takeaway. Cozying up at the end of the row is Citrus Cafe. It's a place that I have walked past quite a... Continue Reading →

D’Lande Cafe

Found my favorite cafe in Bali, I have liked others but this one has that little extra. This is first biker cafe! It's next door and part of a Harley Davidson rental place. I'm no biker but they have done out this place very well. There are lots if picture and little sayings on the... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Diner

Spotted this place as we were driving from the airport and wanted to go. There probably is a diner in Singapore but not one that anyone raves about, so haven't been to one in a while. Luckily our second villa is within a dangerous walking distance. Why can't they build footpaths? Anyway been there twice,... Continue Reading →

Cafe Seminyak

As we were driving in from the airport things all of a sudden looked a bit familiar. About 4 years ago we also stayed in Seminyak at a villa with a very distinctive logo. Well Cafe Seminyak is right at their entrance and some where we went for takeaways that time too. We have already... Continue Reading →

Sophie Bakery

Stumbled across this delightful little place in Wisma Atria on Orchard. Was out with one of the kids on Orchard. Having just got off the MRT at morning tea time dived into the first cafe we came across. Sophies' claimed to be a French bakery, but years of local sweat bread meant I wasn't expecting... Continue Reading →

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