Food For Thought @ Botanic Gardens

What a coincidence that the day before my Food for Thought@8Q was to come out another blogger posted about Food for Thought@ Botanical Gardens. Good to hear that the other one is good as well.

Hawk Cafe

We were out this Saturday morning for our friends fund raiser, after having some photos taken and a little play in the park we wandered over to Eastwood for some lunch. We had been told that there were a couple of new cafes at Eastwood and so expect anther post of 2 about this little... Continue Reading →

Eat Play Love

Eat Play Love is a craft cafe near Arab street serving Thai and Western food. Intrigued? We were and popped down there at the weekend with the little ones. Where is it? Getting there's fairly easy, jump on the green line and get off at either Lavender or Bugis. Yup you have spotted it, there... Continue Reading →

La Villa

La Villa doesn't immediately spring to mind as venue for a Sunday free flow brunch. But this is a hidden gem especially for families. We have been there a couple of times over the years and the menu has changed, so if you have not been for a while it's worth checking out again. So... Continue Reading →

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