Villa Cahaya

The second villa we stayed in was very much modern Bali where the first was more traditional. Villa Cahaya was in the same area of Seminyak, behind 66 beach. This time though we were further from the beach in a kind of no-mans-land between the shopping street next to the beach and the main road... Continue Reading →

Bali airport

I re-blogged a post about the airport and here is my view.Arrival It is relatively hassle free, but it does take time. The queues for the vision arrival (USD 25) and immigration are long and slow. So be prepared with things to amuse the kids if you have had a long flight. There are people... Continue Reading →

Warung Italia

We wanted to give the girls some pasta and so popped into Warung Italia on Jl. Kunti. We have eaten in a few places along Jl. Kunti and it has to be said this place stands out. Not in a gastronomic delight or anything but very kitsch Italian kind of way. If you're with kids... Continue Reading →


Wild boar goulash! How could we not go! We did go past this Swiss restaurant several times before deciding to go. It didn't really stand out from the road and wasn't until we saw the wild boar sign that we decided to go. I had the wild boar goulash which was fantastic with very tender... Continue Reading →

Wacko Burger

Having not seen a playground for nearly 3 weeks we headed to Kaya Aya food village which advertised having one. The first problem was that taxi drivers didn't know the place. When we eventually found it we knew why. They have at least 3 names. Kaya Aya food village or market or square, needs to... Continue Reading →

Villa Baku

Villa Baku was the first place that we stayed in in Seminyak. We organized a driver through the villa to pick us up from the airport. Even so we still got lost. Villa Baku is well located but hidden down one of the many alleyways. We were greeted by the husband of the couple that... Continue Reading →

Coffee in Bali

Just ordered a luwak or wild civet coffee, yup the cat poo one. Anyway going to give a quick overview of the coffees I have drunk. So basically the way I see it there are 3 basic levels of coffee here. Bali coffee or ABC coffee at ~5k Expresso based coffees with your lattes from... Continue Reading →


As you can probably tell by the title this is a Japanese sushi restaurant. We ended un in here by accident as we had been heading somewhere else but due to the taxi driver going the wrong way we ended up here instead. We have taken our kids to sushi restaurants before so we weren't... Continue Reading →


As soon as I read about Bikus' afternoon teas this was on my list. What's even better is that it's served until 7pm so we could have it as an early dinner with the kids. The photos in the write-up about Biku didn't do the place justice. It really is an eclectic mix; part shop,... Continue Reading →

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