What is #RugbyChat?

#RugbyChat has evolved into a Podcast and Twitter chat about all things rugby. We predominately cover topics that refer to the professional game primarily Tier 1 and Tier 2 Internationals, 7s, Super Rugby, European Rugby Champions and Challenge Cups, Aviva Premiership and Pro12. We have also talked about womens’ rugby, growing the game, rugby in the Americas, concussion, lower tier professional club rugby, rugby laws and other hot rugby topics.

How can I listen to #RugbyChat

You can listen to #RugbyChat by subscribing on iTunes or Soundcloud. Also you can join in the live show either through the Twitter Chat using #RugbyChat or via the Live YouTube Show at 8pm Tuesday NZ time. Here are links to our recent past episodes:

#RugbyChat EP19 – Worst Super Rugby Jerseys Ever?
#RugbyChat EP18 – Do Players Expect Too Much?
Scotland v New Zealand 2017 Post Match Review

Review by waspie88 from UK on August 8, 2017

Thought I’d give this a try as a big fan of Super Rugby but based in the UK, where (understandably) the Premiership is the focus. I must say, very impressed with the knowledge the guys have and they definitely do their homework before their chats each week. Thoroughly enjoyed every episode so far. Recommend this to any rugby union fan.

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a conversation on twitter that is centred around a hashtag for a set amount of time on a regular basis. Using the hashtag allows you to see and reply to all the comments without having to follow all the people.

When is #RugbyChat?

#RugbyChat is on a Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm NZ time. As people around the world check in and see the tweets, the Twitter chat will continue sporadically over the following 15hrs or so. Please do feel free to chip in afterwards if you have point you’d like to make.

With timezones and the different day light saving changes, the time of the Live YouTube Show & chat will move for different countries. Below are the times in different countries and when it changes.

NZ Aus (Sydney) UK South Africa USA (NY)
Until 05 Mar 18 8pm 6pm 7am 9am 2am
From 12 Mar 18 8pm 6pm 7am 9am 3am
From 2 Apr 18 8pm 6pm 8am 9am 3am
From 9 Apr 18 8pm 6pm 9am 10am 4am

Twitter Chat Etiquette

  • Retweet all the questions
  • Always use #RugbyChat in your tweets so everybody can see your comments
  • The hosts questions will start with Q and a number, for example:

  • Use A and the number if you are not replying to a tweet so that people know what you are referring to
  • Be civil and respect other people’s opinions, we all love rugby
  • In #RugbyChat I welcome any rugby related questions that you would like to throw out there for discussion

Twitter Chat Tools

There are several tools out there that you can use to follow a Twitter chat. Personally I use TweetDeck which is a free tool produced by Twitter. In there it is good to setup three columns:

  • Searching for #RugbyChat, to see all the comments
  • @DrivingMaul feed, to see the Qs
  • Notifications, to see any replies from people that forget to use #RugbyChat

This way you can keep track of the questions/topics and what people are saying.

I look forward to chatting to you during the next #RugbyChat.

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