Is Eddie Jones in the same place as Stuart Lancaster?

We are just over a year out from the Rugby World Cup in Japan. So I asked Debbie Knight to come on the show and discuss is Eddie Jones in the same place as Stuart Lancaster? Support Independent rugby punditry by becoming a DrivingMaul Patreon Debbie and I look back at Stuart Lancaster's record as... Continue Reading →

What is Global Rapid Rugby?

Thomas English joins me to talk about the latest announcement from Twiggy Forester as World Rugby rubber stamps Global Rapid Rugby. We run through the new teams, talk about the law changes, look at the top 20 marquee signings that might be made and ask if this is just a publicity caravan for Twiggy. Continue Reading →

Does New Zealand Rugby/Super Rugby need fixing?

With all the negativity you see in the mainstream press surly something must be broken in New Zealand rugby. From my point of view there are 2 sides to rugby that we need to look at when asking if anything needs fixing? There’s the playing performance side which includes playing stocks and teams performances. The... Continue Reading →

Bring Back Respect in Rugby

Let’s #BringBackRespect, increasingly we are seeing YouTube comments, Facebook replies, Tweets, etc… just turn into a hate fest against the “other” side. It is a reflection of society and also social media. As we are not saying these things to people's faces we aren’t getting the feedback be is a hurt expression or a hit... Continue Reading →

The New Zealand Season v European Season

I'm often asked about the New Zealand season and the Mitre10 Cup. So when I got the chance to sit with Nick Crosswell who has played for Manawatu Turbos, Hurricanes, Highlanders, Chiefs, Maori All Blacks and Dragons that's what we talked about. This video was released to my Patreons first to have priority viewing, become... Continue Reading →

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