Rugby Team Names

The rebranding of Bristol Rugby to Bristol Bears has caused quite a stir and that shouldn't be a surprise in such a traditional sport. In my eleventh Patreon exclusive show I talk about the Bristols Rugby rebranding to Bristol Bears. Also I talk other rugby team names and the lack of research that sometimes goes... Continue Reading →

Out of the pit

Good piece looking at Exeter Chiefs and whilst I agree it takes a lot to achieve what they have I still like to think of them as an example that the "lower" clubs can make it if they get everything right.

Sharing Sunday: The new-look Super Rugby – rebalancing an already uneven fixture #superrugby

Sharing Sunday: An interesting look at the inequities of the Super Rugby draw. The expansion of the Super Rugby to include teams from Argentina and Japan is fascinating from both a football business perspective and for the importance of the growth of the game. In this post we… Source: The new-look Super Rugby – rebalancing... Continue Reading →

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