Welcome to DrivingMaul, I’m the Englishman in New Zealand providing a unique view on both the Southern and Northern Hemisphere top competitions. I also champion Player Welfare and Tier 2 Nations. I’m a rugby fan who loves writing, Tweeting and talking about rugby. I’d love to do this full-time so please see below on how you can support DrivingMaul. I promise a balanced view and opinion that’s not influenced by the teams that I support but obviously I’ll know more about them than others. The teams I support are England, Exeter Chiefs and the Blues.

Here’s my posing schedule and if you’d like it all delivered to your inbox every Thursday then sign-up for my weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out:

  • Mon – Super Rugby Round Review
  • Mon/Tue – Predictions (for International and all top domestic rugby)
  • Tue – #RugbyChat livestream & podcast discussing the hot topics in rugby
  • Wed – “All Blacks Edition” an hour of chat about the All Blacks and Black Ferns
  • Thu – “For Your Ears Only” my opinion videos on topics my Supporters choose
  • Thu – Super Rugby Round Preview
  • Fri – “Pulling Back The Curtains” looking at the tech, income and strategies of DrivingMaul
  • Sun/Mon – “DrivingMaul v The Bookie” how well do my picks do against the TAB?

In addition to the posts on here I have 2 YouTube Channels and a podcast if you prefer watching or listening to reading.

  • DrivingMaul on YouTube is the home of my post match reactions, #RugbyChat show as well as Super Rugby weekend previews and reviews.
  • The All Blacks Edition on YouTube is a channel all about the All Blacks with a Wednesday night live chat show.
  • The #RugbyChat podcast is where you can listen to instead of watch #RugbyChat, The All Blacks Edition, Super Rugby weekend Reviews and Previews.

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Thank you for reading.

Cheers Paul aka DrivingMaul

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