Has It Been The Currie Cup On Repeat?

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2 thoughts on “Has It Been The Currie Cup On Repeat?

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  1. The champions cup is the reason while the European bass pro 14 teams would not come to South Africa I don’t mind the idea of the ireland become in the bubble for the pro 14 but the won’t Open up Croke Park from my understanding can only be open up on special events like a World Cup not club rugby and while at the Aviva Stadium is up and running they won’t allow it to be open the Gaa because their season starting soon and some of the Gaa teams have been in trouble for training when they were not meant to but that shouldn’t be an issue because there are plenty of 8 decent rugby stadiums and Belfast and Cork Limerick Galway Dublin and I forgetting the RDS and the Aviva and Donnybrook Stadium Long as there’s no soccer internationals that stadiums pretty much freed up.then Most rugby fans in Ireland would be very keen not to have their games played in the the Gaa grounds Anyway I’m looking forward to the rainbow cup been played I like to see Leinster to be challenged by some other teams I dearly Munster and Ulster

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