Pacific Islands get in to Super Rugby, Why Now?

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One thought on “Pacific Islands get in to Super Rugby, Why Now?

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  1. You make some very interesting points on this. But I do not think New Zealand rugby is altruistic.I do wish the best of luck both teams but I do not think there going to solve super rugby competitions problems there needs to be a change the mentality of fans in New Zealand Then being assessed with the all Blacks playing all the competitions every time.specially Australia’s a different story Where Australian rugby needed to go free to air TV Years ago unfortunately Australian rugby gone to Free to air TV when their product is in its lowest point according to dr hunter fujak the wrote a new book about the The sporting code wars in Australia. Super Rugby needs to get a real TV deal in the UK especially in one of their biggest rugby markets Preferably BT sports it has the majority of rugby in the UK and Ireland Fans in the UK and Ireland are getting fatigue from the different tv And streaming packagesAnd try guaranteed securing the Tv deal in South Africa as well I think South Africa is more secure at being a rugby mad nation. They’re sharing the TV revenue with the two teams but it’s very little TV review right now.You were saying they can’t go to Japan right now but I do think they need to go in the long term preferably get in the top four top League sides I would bring the competition up to 16 eight home and ate away games from my understanding that’s what the owners of the franchises in New Zealand want eight home games. Sorry for writing Long comment. I’m looking forward to your ring fencing episode when you do it

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