Northland CEO Cameron Bell Reviewing 2020 – A DrivingMaul Show Special

It was great to chat with Cameron Bell about his first year in the role as the CEO for Northland Rugby. We talked about the challenges that COVID has brought, encouraging progress up North and the importance of the community game as well as running a sustainable operation.

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Post match celebrations from the Mitre 10 Cup and Farah Palmer Cup:

Auto Transcript

hello and welcome to a another driving maul special for you looking at back at twenty twenty having a chat with them one of the of Mitre ten Cup province general managers and it is my great pleasure to have a chat yet again with the current bill from Wilson how you doing Sir good okay all right and thanks for having us only looks trying since we lost but yes it has that’s perfect for it’s been a hello we have been through look down and come out the other side handles what’s going on and that discussions now your your first year in as John Major over north wind just how much is the twenty fourth take cover now but how much is a job actually being similar to what you had before was it is did you walk in and what was it what was it what you expected or how has it been a few surprises on what okay hello the core elements where is example tossed you know the the community element was there but I think there was just a there was a that level of complexity this route optimization which is New Zealand right piece most like financial review of the the whole structure within cover just came out and tipped everything upside down which which I think I would you know as much as this much is Chuck home is being a real challenge for soul sitting in amongst the have been some real opportunity so no chance for us to look at ourselves connect with community and we all as a major development for us here in terms of a new home for lots of rugby from twenty twenty one beyond and we were up to secure a significant amount of funding which may not have been available hit code but not media such let me know never let a good crisis go to waste are we really took advantage of it from the perspective yep earns you five so you know I need to have those who hold normal things open all things but as in running you community game running the far public up front but it’s in cal but you also have that for the women’s Rugby World Cup next year he did not in your in your province I just like a new home as well so there’s been a lot of a lot of making calls an exciting time in Northbrook big despite the excite the negatives I’m going to send out so so yeah I guess is is that being sort of the biggest does recovery changing going for just thought this meant that allow you to accelerate some of your some of your plans some of the plans of an accelerated yeah but look at Davis when you come you into an organization you always want to look at how things are currently operating and we we can deliver efficiencies one of the challenges that the board gave us when we first came in he was connection with community and the advent zoom and people’s acceptance of Zuma’s wife communicating allowed us to connect with their clubs in we’ve got fifty two I think currently clubs at the moment injuring the pick up because of it while we were locked down we had a regular fortnightly catch up without clubs which allowed us to give them an update as to where we were at you know the the landscape was changing at such a rapid pace with it we we need to keep them informed and soon was a great way of doing it and I don’t think we need to communicate without constituents as well as we had you know in such Tribune Tong and they turned down the drugs you know we’ve got some really challenging places to get connectivity time but they turned up and I provided feedback and when we went live with top rugby yeah there was a familiarity they they were aware of who I was and connections happen quick assault yet the fast track a lot of things there are positives in the wouldn’t want to revisit it again in twenty twenty one which highlights the need for us to make sure that we just protect each other and since the spring of the sparse but yeah this means roboticists frost no Steve Mitchell yet yesterday from a consultant who said that the order of that clubs I think it’s thirty three clubs have had might have survived the other the carpet that was a that was a concern that we wouldn’t be losing some of those cross street clubs however the the sort of fifty old club stopping goals and how they will survive although I was still at it the general feedback is that they’ve all come for you strong but you know we’ve got some really got some small products that are often based and if you look at some way like we’ll tell yeah they were flooded out just as we were opening up so you know some of them being sourced real hardships of the responsible for me to sign up they will come through unscathed but what has come through nothing state touch on this is that was just the the hot about community is strong you know the passion in our community for our game is just enormously on that’s that that’s been really reassuring you know when we got back to the early does because of it five six months ago you know the the the landscape looks so Dora and the fact that we were up to run club competitions to get all championship one is fourteen bottle labels right across north and was just which is a huge positive for our community the people of all anti is that might that happen in conjunction with my team so look at the if if we want to check the site about dying I think because of it just reaffirmed hello central the rugby is to provinces like Nova one of the things you did do was live stream at least the the the the final we have to us Steve from this was rated as a country for you is is a plans to continue doing that again to keep suit to take not just the size of your communication meetings to sing but also take some of your club rugby to own online as well absolutely look some of the bank yeah well just bought with the money team hi fi big stations and they challenged to me was just around that is actually doing more all flowers ends in as much as a social media I think it’s been a step up in what has been in the past there’s an opportunity for us to bring the clothes came even closer to our community by utilizing that so yes technology technology as a solution and it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a very effective white pasta Sheeran sprit messaging we actually ran our I. G. M. O. visiting so the interesting outcome of that was that we had a horror teens the network was down the previous year person the only issue we had was on the closing list recognizes a lot member and we had to make sure that we presented an acknowledged his lack of treatment and post some much deserved doesn’t late today which we didn’t want to back I’m sorry you know there’s a lot of ones out there but it’s it’s certainly getting out games out the community sharing there’s a lot of passion I walk with the women’s final between cocoa in Ghana in Toronto you know getting that sprayed right down to well so this problem that for hoppy ales travel distance are great way for us to share outgoing big opportunities yeah and also you are the sole you stream your wards not as well on your Facebook page yeah that’s good so it should be it can be given that such as transparency as well by by having it by six which is quite sick so how do you write your first year in office then the site to meet the community guidelines which are key focus when you have your interview review with the board what’s what can a great using you get and how did you get up it’s what is probably the look out for you for me to put a comma put a mock around that bring you in here are you know look we change the law there’s not there’s not to wipe out that that is I just see the opportunity to do so much more improved only the highlights are more expected probably in order of priority but the connection with community I truly believe that if we can get that connection and engagement community authentic junior the hawks forward scene will look after itself we’ve already got a kid across the during the course of the season sent me with the far palm account and then when we moved into a modest team wants things are are really appreciated was just how passionate in support about fan bisa you know the numbers that we had traveling away two games with his fist it PC game down why can’t our to the very last game against talks by in the morning team we have the answer just passionate oil so reinforce that what the north rugby union team is just fantastic they’re all passionate about a gang they will commit to burn the candle at both scenes and and I think the results are coming for the growth of that woman skyline is enormous you know I think the old museum of probably agree that L. Cody were very unlucky not to be in the final you know they they they they played with patients all it was it just took them to everyone’s Hans L. twenty five this season twenty three is nothing George cornea the mice enjoy all day it’s not gonna be twenty three is before what from on the phone it is a city before the holy garments you know it’s it’s gonna be a six one half million dollar development that will give north rugby one the base facilities in New Zealand seminal stadium Scott development work with new new lots of going in and the big screen in preparation for it will come at the C. right we will cut twenty twenty one is a big call out for us and and and then last but not least it’s just just the being fiscally responsible him to make some hard decisions around the shape of our organization doesn’t show that we were Baba and and like you would if you were to sing some of the responsible media reports came out during the year that seed north from would not make it to the stock market you know that that sort of thing really on the ball and a lot of the cookbook that sign many people in the most important and could not be further from the truth so you know I wave with comfort strong position and a lot of positives only to the board to give me an assessment might but you know I had a small almost twice a couple weeks ago and and in the knowledge that my team is already working towards make sure the twenty twenty one and beyond sustainable success but not from rugby that’s exciting yeah good okay see this I will only help yeah of the better than expected Ole Ole Ole Ole positive compared to to two cultures which but say I’m the I did it we haven’t touched on the the high performance side because I know that so you’ll you’ll we went all out shot earlier in the day what’s that say you’re the change what’s your focus but looking at a hopeful insight you came from just two wins in twenty nineteen for the truck on the Cup team and that was the championship to be up against mainly premiership teams in the north division energy site come second equal and arguably deserving of of of making a semi finals some some yet I just want that the detention just on the big the post in that up the but some so you better turn around that they also on the men’s side to side just two wins in twenty nineteen to to make the search get five wins to make it semi finals that’s reached the final in the young the championship in twenty twenty so you have both hi performance teams doing extremely well compared to previous seasons what do you put that down to what’s what’s what’s been a big change you think this year or is it so it was just a question of building blocks to be big big have been put in place previously yeah look at look a lot of guys down to stuff that was already imply it would be egotistical me to stick look at so many more more role is about supporting the activities of those two times and taking a wide and always make sure that they have everything they need to succeed so in in terms of if P. site both teams but they be saying Martine both teams undependable why coaching management and clients that are harmed integrity character last which bodes culture so all the compassionate about Colchester more teams based around that but well George and Cheryl heads stretches that were very strong on culture and I think that’s what took a lot of al results through as well as very good coaching on so we’ve got if you haven’t seen any of their games both Cody and we probably missing the marketing off image but both delivered heartwarming Y. octa in respect of the host soul whoever we were playing at home hi kiss with the live at appropriate times that that really on the mall and at and on the line just the passion in both times so okay you know we’ve we’ve placed with players who love flying for the province and feigning knowledge mint you might not have seen it so often we after we played or expand the farm you know just like technological spy were fantastic time and and good hospital employees were knocked the fossorial field in that knowledge to the north from fans that would pay and then I can live to this grandstand sought so both the Cody and the twenty five racy valued their fans and one of things that what looked to be one of the best messages all of us doing a plaque from the old ones there’s been several interviews on Portia Woodman who is deservedly you know a rock star of the game and and I’ll say this before also again you know more one three five replies of old con bowl in hand with the Markell Johnson’s plan on the up and sought Christian colony and Portia Woodman hands down the Porsche is done some lovely interviews where she talks about coming home to play in front of her father and her community giving back and that’s probably the biggest message on the this momentum there is a change in the north and rugby that’s coming through hot for Mr communities for probably all its first single study in connection with the we were building in that space yeah big at biggest message would be to any north compliance and when you look around the far comic Cup championship it’s sprinkled with more supplies and other provinces and likewise we’ve got a lot about my old talent that’s being picked up when I go to school will Sweeney and others the the messages come harm plan front of your community your you where you’ll find our because there’s something really positive steering angle and the next three to five years ahead where we’re ready focused on growing that story and building on more both George Clooney and Cheryl Smith have it started with it the two times so it’s very exciting and also you know we took cam one things I think we we want to mention to you when they don’t interview was when the heightened competition closed down I got on the phone to not a police Coast C. R. Krishna and we talked about getting the twenty five to go down to the hour and it happened so we had the Nelson development thing go down right I’m not a police customer going to Tokyo which is George maybe is harm and that was just such a fantastic rugby experience so you know we really focused on building the memories building at community and tying back to the fans and community this our support of a sort come home and play from north from the big the big message yeah you really do see that so the the the the families which side of it with with those with those teams right up all put a couple of links in the comments below the things we seem so for example off the the counties Manukau both the truck okay off the blankets supplies nine which was given a Ajit Josie because she regional started all around the games and the just state the presentation and they think that the whole team okay even got around her foot that was wonderful we also have a couple of the players that have big was a hundred games it was full one of your we get that Ross Ross wrote some kind and you know the hawk at that late to live it to him as a sign of respect in the fifty pies it’s the young comes from the heart and it’s it’s about acknowledging what clients like Camilla we only and Ross wrote if given to the province but it’s a passion this is very strong here in this one else is that element of problems in the on the pens out competitions at the provincial level you know as much as you know statement your honor will say you know he’s a good guy aims or once we want self from the base strong as I can and we’ll do whatever we can to collaborate with some really good collaboration going on between provincial union Cialis at the end of the I. the strength now competition laws and the fact that we want to beat the living daylights out of each other on the field and and secure ones it’s the success well done and we’re just gonna keep growing that and we can’t so it’s a list of all those ugly looking that must be to myself see what actually that foot for for quite a few listings on links to those occurs and celebrations eighteen the upshot not spelled out I’m looking forward then into in twenty twenty one we want to run a few things but then you said about the of came out yesterday I mentioned a few things one of them being that self funding is likely to be cut by around about ten cents for each of the provinces what does that mean for you guys going forwards in twenty twenty one yeah it’s a it’s a it’s not a level of complexity in terms of it ensures that we remind fiscally responsible it’s it’s undesirable you know it it means are still need to maintain a level of kat and probably even going to another label to to look at operations you know it we wanted to go on it’s tempting Cutten written here I mean might be only take on a par that sort of principle to our expenditure I think from my operational perspective we’re operating at B. bonds the the key thing that will really impact on will prevent you use this year is the removal of the in the state Kevin nineteen white subsidy that was a lifesaver for us so the changes we made in twenty twenty will flow through to twenty twenty one some of that growth inspirations that we want to head we’ve got a government relocate some of our commission model so yeah we’ve been blessed with a great sponsorship team yeah one particular same color just really really proud supporters of us and we we’re in a position where we can announce that Simcoe group have re committed to northern rock bait they did it proactively for another two years with another product to use their off to such you know we’ve got to look at commercial model all the elements to see where we can improve with goats some about people going oracle crisp office problems patient sub union people in the world niece ready instigating L. cattle scheme sorry there are things that worked in the past sometimes sometimes the answers to the future law and what we’ve done in the past but doing it better so that connection with community growing but yeah look at five yeah I mean if you see on rugby didn’t have to take that team said numbers it might lost so much easier because we can grow out dying it’s community level is not what we would be tipping that money becomes a hot performance because before chemical friend that spice and then the address the other Nelson walls that side of the problem couple returned to a championship premiership format now with Nelson being in the chat in the championship last year do you know whether you’ll be principal championship next year off your good results here at Dalton there was not a promotion relegation unless elements I think we’ll be in the sign of the championship great next year but I think if you win the last in the in the coding they’d be gas said that they don’t get a crack at the big guns because you know they really fought some big shots this year and they’ll and they’ll be looking for the next year are young old tool because just how much the game the quality of the gang the passion of the game that lifted and also not easy having Paula and or should come out of it too but what that would have been done isn’t spot the next generation of the tallest in Porsches and that the case and the crystals and on the house side you a just an amazing season so yeah look doesn’t doesn’t matter who you put in front of the Cody they got a guy full noise saw why yeah bring the center here Oct local account account white for the PC to start again it’s just such an exciting competition it is not if those sorts of things at all in the championship with them because yeah you say that the the crew themselves to be approaches levels that’s gonna be tough so that’s team down the stretch and then I guess in my sink up also we’ve not had an L. they they said that they don’t know what format it’s going to be in that have to get some suit that there are different opinions and have to all stakeholders on board do you I would say what some of the favorite for format would be finals and all or touch some buttons so yeah L. L. feedback was that some you know the current format suits us fine but I can understand it’s a format that doesn’t allow you to define missing game what obeying testament plank walks by I think everyone use it regularly those two teams and say it you know who who would come out top so it’s been roughly half the mantle of thing use young but mature for was Jay and his team down hooks by you’d be sign of one have a cricket sucks the north south split what appeared to offer that is something of an about but you know the inspirational qualities of being up to you know be promoted from the championship and premiership of something that he’ll sauce you know we haven’t been on the phone for twenty three years now we’ve got a sniff of that we’re doing everything we can around building and growing all that the one it’s not gonna be twenty three years before we do that this is too much money to yeah I’m looking at looking help FMC the promoted side went this year it made it through the the playoffs why cats are mostly in full also but it’s no surprise it shows that the difference in the top of the championship is minuscule in order to keep a hobby when I went down I mean you know they hit now I think is yeah it’s false ones and and and they got relegated sorry no it’s that’s it look it’s great competition we’ll go with that all the why we committed to being in there with a fourteen team competition and but performing more consistently and sustainably at the hospital great well thank you very much for your time Kaman it says been absolute pleasure talking to you again and looking forward to getting up and seeing the both the the Cory and the telephone next year in the front of the Cup and much and Cup recovering eggs on here we’re going to links down below to the use videos all those the post match celebrations from from from those games and microchips on curable thank you very much

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