The DrivingMaul Show S1E28 The Tri Nations Cup Review

The DrivingMaul Show where the hot topics in rugby are dissected. This week Paul is joined by Steven and Boa as we talk about concussion in rugby, review the Tri Nations sides seasons and discuss if there should be a Maori Super Rugby side.

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Ash Dixon in the post match press conference for the Maori All Blacks v Moana Pasifika.


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hello and welcome to the a driving maul show here on the Tuesday the something old December eighth of December that’s right yeah every single Tuesday with the I’d probably more shocked and walls the season might have ended up down here in the us sometimes so hearing you didn’t because Hey that’s still playing rugby straight through so much in South Africa that seems like a sensible thing to do it so well well don’t worry we will not stop we will keep on going through all the way through and so super rugby kicks off as well and some all right ma’am I am interviewing a complex with nine that’s really very fortunate not the Hisense with C. R. we’re gonna review the S. season the Southland’s Hadden what it’s been like for him in his first year as a CEO all of the problems hopefully I’m also learning up a couple more CEOs for chats reviewing all of the season as well so what do it keep it right here Jordan this evening to look back over the international part of the season as always is that Mr Sigmar sightings thank you very much for what to get out of prison prisoner to be on the TV not so other privilege is or was or so I say all of you is and also joining us is the staff member how you doing Sir very well the highlight of my week good evening good afternoon good morning very ever you up on Bennett joining this wonderful show great to be here great to have you guys all I thank you and thanks well the way we did today we just heard that some break dancing has been announced as an Olympic sport and what was left in a way that he sees as a joke I see the opportunity so if any of you know of anyone who might like to do a break dancing part cost then Hey I’m using a small radio is the place for them because I it’s no sport let’s stop covering it in the buildup to the Olympics now that’s why I say I’m twenty twenty four this is sort of a few years to try to educate the old fella Stephen Harris of that sort of thing is over with the obvious and embellished already got the shelters on so we are we really that but with a password but IT’s only two weeks bring it so bring it what is the old default yes this there may what is was like traveling to get you can walk join is and live chat in the via Facebook or you should work with that for that matter we can listen to the recording the surgeon uses sports radio or your favorite podcast show this evening I was like we’re going to look back up we’ll get a review international season optically for the transaction streams and let you know how we think that seasons are gonna weather places the having a good season about season Oria yeah or somewhere between just let it go much ten Cup teams as well also during the post match interview promo for the Merial backs this is the one that pacifica ash Dixon made a permanent device will drop drops a bit of a bomb shell and we’ll see what will have a little chat about that one as well we might also have time to talk about the struck drop goal from rugby in New Zealand there’s also been some use that and we should probably have a quick chat about concussion really so let’s kick off with concussion because we didn’t have the the tackle framework man himself I’m so apparently there is there they are building a case to take to court well over seventy plus ex rugby players including all blacks one of the call has gone ahead with is is is probably one of the members who is given some scans and information to the lawyers for putting the case together they’re looking at the potentially are taking the case against various unique national unions maybe I will directly as well so we’ll have to wait and see about a sort of exactly how that all pans out but some but what have you been following this some of the story yeah look very much so first of all just a quick showed up to some of the regulars I see them on the live chat guys thank you so much you know Saad scored I’m going to see you guys every week coming or you know being interactive with the show so massive massive shelter much respect much love are you look good this is this is something the last four years of my life I’ve I’ve really put a lot of work into your research work pretty closely with ACC especially with my six pack of frame okay see if man with the red eight green feet and blue torso it’s it’s all about making rugby safer compliant but did not you can you know using the effectiveness in the spectator appeal as a as a a context book know what rugby has actually failed allegedly failed to have done I have to say the word allegedly is you know they haven’t done enough to keep its players safe from concussion nope one reason why the current high high tackle frame book has been brought along and why it was actually rushed I’ve heard a number of coaches who are preparing their teams for the previous Rugby World Cup in twenty ninety actually you know the right emails to me when I was doing my research thank you know we were given a memo three weeks prior to the kickoff of the work up and he said these are the rules is the framework we’re going to police this quite heavily and one of the results we sold we sold five read gods and about thirty two yellow cards even before the knockout stage just came in so concussion is is very real it’s it’s causing a lot of quick to treat headaches and very serious injuries for the players involved in the sport my personal view on this is that I’m I’m actually one hundred percent but these players are I don’t think the sport of rugby as a whole is doing enough in the sense being consistent right across the board on making sure that the sport is regulated and administered and the game being played on the field pleased in a consistent manner so that it actually keeps this the players safe what we’re actually seeing is a bit of a very inconsistent regime of policing and and and and this is something I’ll get into later in the broadcast about the cod you know yellow cards red cards we’re seeing you know get the same infringement different weeks are being given to a different a consequence of a yellow card or red card rather than consistent right across the board so this is this is a very real problem and this is affecting the game our old age group specially junior participation in writing in New Zealand we’ve had a significant drop all L. children participating entering the sport and one of the reasons the second most common reasoning to research which was done Mr white child participation rates are going down his parents fearing concussion so very real problems in the he says the concussions all real needs well I think he’s ahead six left the room so I’m I’m really doesn’t know that took me out quickly Gulshan Israel does happen I as far as this particular case lingers guns I am someone like call heaven for example his career was nineteen ninety eight three always professional creek much not yet true to about twenty fifteen so we’re not talking of such and as far as this case goes we’re not talking so much I was happening nowadays but isn’t but historically has world rugby acted quickly enough and done enough to prevent the prevent head injuries concussions and I sort of things and is it is it is restless more historical price that made the separate argument in a separate whole discussion around what’s happening now and consistency of officiating whether everyone still takes wet weather not still with the A. one yes takes concussion seriously we’ve heard stories from ex players such as a couple the Canadian international who well known renowned strongman hold man in rugby being ID what must be too many three seasons ago now getting sent back out off the supposed to be fighting I try because hit the other local agents and teams to go back out and fill the gap getting sent back out get a night in a top forty ranked and so yes I could it has no room at all levels to all teams you we we there there there’s been great strides in that you let’s be blunt have they be far enough happening quick enough all open open to discussion I think you were going to check out some there to go you you mentioned rust belt conditions at some old that the you’ve you’ve had suffered a torn during that year but let’s not bike students about Steph was one of the reasons why I sort of bought my own career ended but I can get remember getting getting knocked out to the book well to the point where I really did not hell I even arrived at the guy and then I was pretty much talk to government have reached in those are you stand down for for three weeks and which which are basically stood down and then I decided given what he did before cutting back all probably a probably the third week into coming back the second time I got knocked out again and that was the much the end of it on the advice of a doctor I was told that I’m to basically give the guy a while altogether and doc to be honest I was still receiving he likes really shopping bags will be a year off all I had to recall it and it’s just not just yet your normal here that you can get from being dehydrated it’s it’s almost like somebody’s pressing on your brain and it it it really took a while to get rid of the get rid of the Hilux that’s really really scary let’s look at what’s what’s unfolded we shouldn’t be surprised with this we can think that takes to two thousand and fourteen when chante how happy the former New Zealand rugby league international who also played rugby for England but he was ordered to him saying that his article even before he went professional as I lay claim he witnessed a man can cost about twenty times and by the time he started playing professional rugby in England for Gloucester just after the two thousand women Rugby World Cup he was that he stopped the receiver he likes again of course we know that the bombs all the European rugby and it just it probably got even stronger once he moved on to more where you live and as we know the suffering judges I play a lot of money for these rugby internationals Aaron you know like what these guys on the field will talk and I can recall that he shared that story in the New Zealand Herald back in two thousand and fourteen now if there wasn’t a couple of warning shots the yes the deliver what we can all set to go right back to Steve the foreign media formal Clinton all right topic as well having to retire early and that happened in the mid two thousands I think for that’s correct that’s correct what one thing I have to say is there are you know based on the work I’ve done there are three key areas but rugby needs to look at reducing this number one is and this is the most important because education coach education if you look at the last five test matches over the weekend I would say seventy percent of all contact is actually happening chest level in about the reason is coaches at test level encourage players to minimize the ability for the ball carrier to offload in the tackle by using a technique called us choke or spectacle so what that means is Stephen for example if your boy okay for coming at me I would say I would go very upright and triangle crystal chest on chest and deep very late this is a very effective way affected way from a coaching point of view to stop the old floor but the problem with this is world rugby have a guideline saying Nikolai so depot light and above is a no go so and if you have any contact with shorter you know any better Joe you’ll you’ll get you know it’s a penalty or it starts escalating into a yellow red car but because this whole issue of choke tackle and I’ve seen a couple of videos from top referees actually kommende and in saying you know what defining what did it what a legal choke tackle these German foot let’s let’s be serious the word choke tackle I mean you know that just doesn’t give a good connotation my free book I I look at replacing the choke tackle with an airbag pack rates it’s a lot more passive and you see this line here your tackle below that so what we’ll read we have to do is I’m I’m I’m I’m working with them at this stage to get safe tackle free book initiate it what we need to do is we need to educate our coaches and encourage them see the slide tackle below so when we train our players we have to ensure that they are compliant and we get this heavy duty number two is the is the easy road which were regular bacon’s unitive group where soon as there is a take on deck comes a card but the problem here is depending on the geographic location different referees are starting to interpret it in different ways now for example we so often no you get used to going out as I say your stuff is the the the span that what the because the store is out now was about his about historical stuff that’s been going on whether whether water is dying off the cost right are you saying goes back to twenty fourteen with the shorts and happy I’ll go back to twenty twenty eleven when Ben Robinson who was a fourteen year old playing rugby at school got some three blows to his head was sent back on the field and died through concussion so I mean this is what we’ve known about head knocks killing people right for at least a twelve round bout it for at least a decade now we’ve known that sweet the that it does that that some it causes damage to people for at least that long and then like the time and yet we come to the the site it was only three weeks before the twenty nineteen people caught the we had a framework that said how you gonna get more cops and that’s twenty that’s eight eight nine years all the sort of get that nine officers died for and it’s been publicized in the press we’ve known about the dangers here and nothing is under the national fact things have happened and with the awareness campaigns and we we we have seen small changes in behavior but what about other just going to check we we don’t actually have to look at historical figures let’s look at the Phillies in the current context if you look at the last eighteen yellow or red cards with with contact to the head there’s only been one H. I. eight that’s right only one H. I. A. so if you are going to argue this in a court of law it’s it’s a no brainer you look at the last one hundred you know gods and you look at what has been put in place what education has been dead not everyone knows little rugby had this guy dancing you polite but because there is no visual guide you know it’s it’s a no brainer it’s it’s an absolute no brainer the problem is rather than simplifying this whole issue which is my being the waters by trying to add layer upon layer upon layer all the complicated stuff and and also let me also give you the example of the blue card how many blue because have you seen in the last couple of seasons your blue Blue Cross or any of the downtrodden and get you right I mean we Stephen like around a whole bunch of club games as as as though your way you keep your every year every week a club going I never sober I’ve never seen without ever the court because I’m actually waiting for the team let’s actually got please the courage to actually political log on the agency seriously I know you will lock up color on the jerseys but I actually quite like the idea of of of a take one if you go to take a lot of your choosing I think it’ll create a bit of a we are with us full full the actual full the actual tackles and then that you’re not in the four digit pin laws I think this this is not there’s just simply no argument I was really good and from rugby I’ve been to your site which is also one yet they are very very thin red line as a guard but it wasn’t very clear wasn’t but set but it was that now we don’t see anyone else you site take it up yes I’m they I think from from I think but from a legal point if you look we’ve we’ve known this is coming NFL’s habit I think that the soon as I know how to then then legal situate local case which was settled out of court with them what nine or ten figure seven one three is in the billions the so we knew that rugby was going to get that is to elect right it was coming the question has always been going to bring more went and kind of helping is a number gonna be because as as both quite what he said you just have to look what happened last weekend to go you’re not doing enough to stop peddling tackles and therefore we are going to get well I think that so somebody now he’s gonna have to type now with this it went with the financial situation of the sport isn’t that some is a pretty scary prospect because that is the blonde here none of the none of none of the unions have goals by catching more the the are if you were somehow managed to lose also I’m actually spend it’s professional twenty fifteen minutes been sucking people and using and rugby is the same thing is that it is running I. unsustainable deficit or loss if you talk about what the company well the night wrong but that’s basically a loss anyway we would not be yes Australia is is on the brink of bankruptcy the whole time and so yes is that money to pals this who knows what impacts now we have a all numb all the sports I got a full refresh would use well just just a quick question during their plans that have been involved with a heavy concussion that’s that’s taking time to resolve do not have C. T. scans because I know back in two thousand and fourteen when the young rugby player up north Jordan came it was only seventeen years old and main you’re not as a parent you don’t see your kids off to so far that they’re gonna get hit a three days it’s a lost art I I remember at the top is great father suggested that clients should have CT scans United maybe are not you’ve read every two years old one yet just to just to have a look to see what the brain’s going you have got one of the one of the really effective protocol is is our number combat sports I eat mixed martial arts and boxing they have mandatory stand down periods mandatory medical checks when you get your professional fighters license and if you get knocked out there’s a mandatory standard bead is a better test you have to go through so I think I’d prefer in in professional rugby day the that’s inevitable but the crux of the matter is rather than create what I would call it or deep culture we actually need to create a culture where there is but many straight the Scorchers play over fast seriously because they want them to be safe not because you’re going to get a lawsuit or anything else yeah I think that a lot of world rugby’s actions of look like okay how do we avoid losses rather than gains but not safe I also listening to a holding tank wins which is a part cost on an and one of the plans will never visit that site they used to basically file that will that would you have a pre season cognitive test and then delivered he got upset so when they got tested off that had not they would actually that more transparency and sometimes I would have had no B. B. B. cost and actually return a better result then when they did the pre season one because I thank you the liberty felt it so badly that kind of yeah that kind of culture might be is going to go century the but yes so I did some I I we we we have a lot of other things too quick to to to to chat about about sub clip it’s something that we’ve done so himself as a podcast we we feel passionate about it is a danger money to people that’s also thanks to the sport as well as well not only through this court case and and how much cap how much show whether bank of the sport also through participation numbers but was pointed out earlier along this yeah Paul thank you for taking the time to talk about this and thank you all the fans responding as well because you know this is an area I’m very passionate about I I am going to one way or the other I’m going to get safe tackle frame looking demented and I’m absolutely hell bent on making a change a positive change so the rugby becomes a safer yet spectator friendly context will okay why don’t I go along with four as well and and I’m already coming from the angle of both spoke about the appearance you know what not wanting the kids to play this game I want the kids to play this guy and feels like so we can see out next kallikrein axle who ever come through come through the ranks and also with regards to the smaller kids as well Sir so small it could start you have to be intimidated by what the kids off at let’s see some horrible video footage of some some smaller kids getting absolutely really hot blood but the kids and you can hope to hear all the traveling on the on the sideline and that sort of thing just absolutely does my kid and if your if your mother’s father watching that made you you did what you could nearing because still they cannot pull out of just one of title what boy just sit thank you for taking the time for this but yeah looking for the talking about these will recognize okay your struggles will rankings of what I was gonna say that let let let’s review the the all blacks and the wallabies and say what we think of that season so well let’s see what we can get rid of this table order under the championship stop with the wallabies finished last in the tri nations with one win two draws and a loss also picked up before that a troll and the loss against the all blacks in the the end of the Bledisloe Cup games so what’s that one win three draws and two losses is that and all season record against the all blacks and against Argentina I can save Stephen already shaking his head that so they run eight how’s he doing as a yeah as as as the new one of these let’s see I think we probably have to put in a strictly somebody because he’s introduced to a lot of young guys selection wise I think you bye bye to Q. jurors in that tough this Richard Mitch across in Australia we can sort of put out a very very inexperienced office five six second five seem to sink the pairing and unfortunate though horribly exposed in that game but I do believe he’s got he’s got enough to work with them I don’t know if he has real quality Bob and in some specific composition still trying to obviously won the fifth spot who’s who’s comfortable and and and that particular role so maybe I’m a James R. column looks looks better at least one of the more response does not research obviously got the corporate kicking kicking game unfortunately just couldn’t put either the kicks that really really counted no probably not it probably argue precisely based performance was sucked the victory of the old explorer can increase performance was the very first time that they played the all blacks and Wellington because I really really and truthfully deserve to win that god but for us but for a couple of pints probably the most bizarre guy with a lot but Tom was a little all of the old he would be happy but at least he’s got something to work with me for well how do you think come hi how do you think he’s gone this up I’m such a good this that then anything is in the season the great eastern what I would call a above average job I I would I would say anything more I was expecting a lot more from because very smart coach I mean I’ve I’ve done a bit of work with an unnamed attending a few courses really smart test you may but for me the biggest question mark and the most blunders sort of team selection was in that clutch game against all blacks which was old the the beauties look up beside it he comes up with a you know a very great experience speed and get gets absolutely thumped out you know I I I I discussed this and I predicted this would be the case and that’s exactly what happened because all blacks decided to turn up that day this this step it up for about twenty minutes and you know it was it was game over game set match and you know you have to play you have to have a game plan and tactics for the capital you have and and and also the the very landscape which they drew and and mind you I did I did call it did that it was either Argentina going to win by three or less local I’d like you know it’s a draw and what happened it was a girl WB’s declined five shots which were capable at Gould in the first twenty five minutes they just kept doing the same thing expecting a different result and what happened I Jim Didion’s turned the ball over in the line or not to meet those upgraded tactics or you have to do is take a deep breath get the message and sick guys get the kicking tee okay let’s slow this down the stick the points because even if you missed the goal it’s a twenty two double the kick right back at you so I does really poor tactics also I I’m I’m I’m not going to be two one guy I think the game the first game they played really well against the all blacks or blacks didn’t really turn up and the game they beat the all blacks well that was pretty cool by the all blacks looking at the statistical backing whether it’s the outline a game where they play away from the traditional venues and they’re playing in in Brisbane at Suncorp stadium a venue the old exit historically struggled I thought the old picture of lord of the best possible side they paid the price for it so for me I think it’s a it’s a D. plus he hasn’t got the greatest of players to work with I don’t see much of that changing ePlus rugby plus I think that’s it yeah okay yeah and I I can see is using state games there the wonderful academy of St kids start dropping so it is hidden so again I’m not too sure whether that’s the right way hole and and I did do a lot of inconsistencies you know based on what he said and what we sold over the entire tribe Asians and keep in mind Australia Adams who would want to each and they had the best scheduling out of all the teams so let me just bring bring some bring some sense to this to this conversation that coming into this day running basically had very if you look at a very inexperienced side pretty much most best lies ahead I’m sees and he had a and and the the people he could actually young crow was real good what what he’s got available to him I think was with was some was pretty for coming off a pretty toxic this regime with checkup they also had all the off field issues with the C. O. getting sacked and would would think what’s what a strange we got busted would even exist next year as his off field distractions and I think if you look at that first game as a sticker set been SK you could see the players go out there and they were wanting to play for that coach I don’t think we sore on the check is so much that he played with those scattered and reach out to them wish to be a used product the white culture or a good culture so you want to build all in that we see that with the we also think if he had been around we wouldn’t have seen that helped lead to suggest having the national anthem being sung in non the first nation language rather than just in English I think he’s put a lot of that sum is full of building blocks in place we all talking about here about a brand new coach of the year four year cycle towards remote Cup this trying to scope out how you split which which these young lives right looks variants will be able to cut it apps and instructional level that she’s gonna do some rotations gonna try a few things out did it work for that game back over in Australia that that’s like a sort of no it didn’t but such injuries to judge James o’connor I’m not sure who who keep clients that I think also hinted him on such me I’ll give you a big for how how how how he’s going eight considering what he had to work with where is the World Cup cycle and the way we seem to play well it’s the the effort from the players I think he’s gotten heading right direction is a lot of work to do absolutely but I expect you know what to do on the situation yet please go right you gotta remember he Europe for here he did bring a lot of lot of plus your Kerry will submit it at number right who looked really really good you’ve also got the blood of the big aggressive blood suffering from not yourself while he was a boy that got got a ya either yellow or read cattle I think one has look look yep yep Lachlan yeah he he got a recap as well in some of those go out like that they are pretty fragile and in the scheme of things and docks I think articles run raising two books was absolutely huge because the more defensively is a very very good class so like I lost a lot there if I if I probably look like a few things that need their different I think next time you’ve got to take the points on offer especially when you’re playing a team like Argentina that’s it’s Negley that will basically that will basically put everything in the park yeah you’ll be there or thereabouts listen if within the cycle the session and twelve months start date then yes these days unless you but all I can see you know what I can see more going for the stream then what will happen with that with the right to check out the keypad I think these guys have got more you look at right right the wing at they’ll get they’ll goody they also have the yachts you’ll also have the Melbourne storm winger who will be a sin section forty valley when he comes about Skoda Vicki you know they’ve got to me we’ve probably got more firepower out wide good they’ve had for a very very long time it’s just a it’s just a matter of getting your combinations wrought you know in a perfect world you probably could probably have the likes of up to more in a Jordan puts what is your mid field but we need to sort that combination together will start which we shouldn’t forget their very graphic the next one is also I think these are we’ve got the ingredients there to make it happen at all yeah I think probably a see what god god full but if the if we target witness I’m conversational sings sandwiches a strategy did you look maybe look at it if what you see in the money from the three of us in the in the in the on the show but also in the live chat as well we’ve been busy season things in that so yes I guess it depends what you’re measuring him against I think is really one of the big big things here force motel right second race but it will be seen before absolutely accept one’s going overseas so click on get started from scratch again that’s good that’s that’s gonna be his big is big issue is keeping the client almost although it’s gonna say one of it one of the things I have got some planes in the air at the moment with the with the without the token for Donatella to park the locks of Harry Wilson Jordan Petar it seemed to me I have got the potential to produce some real world class players over the next three few years I’m still not convinced that they found the right fit for the call to feel like the blues that about three three or four seasons ago struggling struggling to four different spots but I think they also introduced another young prop is as well the ninety nine dollars of your bill at the end indispensable just twenty a young boy sorry yeah all in all of us are going to go to better help for them yep bye bye my biggest gross is obviously not taking the shots of gold and also the last game against Argentina they played the second one three three one attack but they keep doing that sixteen times they coughed up four turnovers they got three penalties which they will decline and and and to me today that shows wanting to do the same thing over and over again and not wanting to change it and and because I hold dear routines such high regard because I know what he used as a as a tactical strategic thinker was very very disappointed to see that sort of thing from a coaching point of view so more yet truly great depends what yardstick you bake I I look at the numbers I do get the technical coaching aspects of the game so for that reason that’s why give me details yeah hi there because they want to set the LX LX biggest enough to the phase two years what made you think about it placed by storm by storm some of Israel’s results like I guess it’s one of those things will will give him a little bit of fun and see how it plays out city guns they finished sixth in the world rankings yeah we check they’ll probably about right to be honest with you maybe one of the then to Argentina her finishing eighth in the world rankings they are they have one win two draws and one loss from that school games this season well only for special decision when the within your backs no we have fourteen we checked yes it’s a strange yet let’s be blunt but that strange it also included the thirty and nine game was also gets another forty Skype against the all blacks which was the first ever win against the all blacks a plus then they said they have the two goals on that one loss let’s talk about that on field stuff before he took out the feel stuck because I wanted a different ranking for how they all off the field is what they are on the field it also we lost on their social or something similar give us your your thoughts on how Washington went this year and and up on the ranking of the airforce of amazing I’m I’m gonna give these guys an a minus what these guys had to go through especially without break this forty four four hundred two days that down up and they’ve won up strength or brexit vote okay well I’m super be bit of a stretch but you know they beat them up front they’re physically outmuscled them technically the outdoor them they they took that kicks at goal did you know that is perfect blueprint of how to beat the all blacks they played territory they played the game in the right part of the feet and you know it was it was it was wonderful to see the order subject director they had no idea how to get back and and and also guys mean having gone through what they had as a nation as a country do you have the courage and spying to front up go through all those quarantine procedures put a team on the block on the day and play with that sort of passion and with cheese go and beat the you know arguably a be a bit by sticks was number one site in the eyes of many simply an unbelievable feat and and you know those two draws deva deva yeah well I Stephen says Soria schools rankings yep that’s there I think he but then again you know the world champions you know they’re big Dodge ball they didn’t show up and they they made a mockery of the soul of the when those ones I’ve got they deserve to show up yep just going all right yeah all up saying you know I think I did get my yeah used to bed the other real tri nations champions having gone through what they have that type of performance as they pulled out and also it really inspired a lot of people I need it actually got people thinking and watching the rugby because it started getting interesting so for me you know had they had the the the wallabies and a couple locations which I think they could have and also this goes back to you know couple of gold picks which they missed but overall I think on field a minus eight or so Stephen do you gonna agree with Beverly Oregon and over the full range of bus the rankings on alright listen you you couldn’t you’re you’re really couldn’t write them you have to you have to give them an idea in terms of like writing just simply about pretty much citadel with in terms of where they come from I mean to say that that victory over the all blacks most comprehensive it was actually probably more comprehensive than Australia’s victory over the all blacks and easily and defensively it was such a good if the enormous that it almost reminded me of the creek side is from the early two thousands hello able to run teams the but technician take their opportunities with my yeah when they’re on offer but they also introduced a couple of new centers one that’s coming to Oakland said yeah I got it chukka shopping around but they’re going to be coming to Oakland yes they they they you got I mean a site for guard diaper boy he looked last object could you twenty one and at that time and men I exercise a lot of hot you’d sure like drop the standard the victim yet no loss to the all blacks but that you know there’s a lot of Medigap mitigating circumstances after that thanks bye yeah I’m obviously wanted to put their best foot forward against Australia in the final game so I can start by recent cigars but I think you have a good thing I think they’re called a big dog from you know somebody like Augustine Creevey who is the skipping skipper via Argentina for for for many years as well and if you’re struggling with it she got cars to replace orders increase because it was a pop a big pot of hell that sort was run so not quite to me like thank you tonight what what one other thing I resist the Pumas ninety six percent tackle completion rate that’s unheard of at this level usually that you’re the best sides make about ninety one percent are you competitive games the wallabies when they got up forty plus points the water bees missed thirty two tackles that tackle completion rate was an abysmal seventeen percent so there you go you know I say I I think yeah we have to go with and I just kind of these in the live shot that but some mostly with ice I think I already got a minus as well not to watch the second time was simple big defense when penalties kick goals also slightly all right outright I think maybe that’s why on minus in there is that yes is that it walls or on big defense and they didn’t really look like scoring many tries I think it wasn’t until the last game that someone other than Nicolas Sanchez actually scored points for the server well it’s lives again and that was that was executed I’m tasked to clean well and given the lack of rugby that they’ve had the amount of currency that they have to do the the young it was fantastic but so I get if we’re talking about in the same way next year good luck they need to call back I adds to it but it was yes it was a mess it was so it was a big step big big statements season for my thing but another level now they call themselves step back for a moment so yes crime it was a baseball player look at those big supplies all over the wall of the shop for for Argentina let’s be honest about that man hate good same joining us as well in the live chat that so I’m moving on that to the all blacks two wins and two losses to win the Troy and nations now we just lost even for a second let me go black plus also a draw and win in that let us like Cup games SO three wins one draw two losses but as parents met seven switch up at the end of the night they they won both pieces so whether we’re up for grabs so from that point of view you can say it was a successful season but some but what are your thoughts on the new black season of the the sept with with with those results I guess that’s a good posters absolutely they want and the points differential was incredible I mean the scored sixteen tries to conceding only four so four to one ratio and also in the heart they were you know scintillating when they decided to show up and turn up which they did on two occasions simply and utterly brilliant and there was a sense of anticipation every time the touch the board well they could recycle something special was going at but but the the the negatives for me was those two games where they look like they just didn’t want to be that and if you were to critique effort and this is not something I ever thought that I would see in my lifetime following the old ex and I would have a critique is their effort and wanting to actually be on the field at a game they lost to the Pumas you know GPS that’s back what I’m saying is pretty abysmal most of the guys actually employing from place to place I’m not going to going to the stats but simply and utterly unacceptable by the high how do you get GPS steps of the old ones I’m I’m I’m not gonna go do that he said I I I the stats but I’m resourceful so ace but then you you you contrast that against the British look up the side of every absolutely thumped the wallabies into the next millennium yeah the speed at which the boy was kept alive in play was was incredible I don’t think anyone even if they brought their A. game could have kept up with the old ex and that’s why you saw all those mystical and then then again that initial start was a very slow start again they’re admitting that didn’t look like they want to be there some of those taking tactics we have to question boarded berichtet infected ten from ten kicks which not one kick in that drawing game was actually contestable so again it was you know wasteful and it also from the coaching department I mean you know this is being very well documented my goodness me the entire country turned on yet foster after that lost to the Pumas and then you compare that against someone like my idea that this month the boomers coach you know boy tactically and strategically and those in front of the camera chopping cheese so we had we we pretty much had the solar nation and all these old expands writer of the book questioning their attitude and effort now to me that’s a real sticking point from coaching point of view so what reason I do them under both seem the same that’s a good point the all blacks boarding trip to track these in a year with only fifty percent of what rights who else is ever done hit the I don’t know if there’s many teams of experts that have actually done that yet to form them I’m yeah it to me yeah we gotta get me pull Steven Reese recently simplex or from two thousand five to two thousand and fifteen yeah god yeah listen to me some mornings there are some warning signs what what I what I still see this inconsistency in selection because I think if you’re trying to mold a team and get consistency I think you’ve got to get but consistency into your selection getting the right team on on the pick at least ninety five two hundred percent of all the time the other thing that I’m seeing that I’m seeing as well and all that you see this last two or three years is real discipline and I’m talking about penalty they’ll disappoint and also ill discipline in around the cops and of course another recount and that’s on the back of another read cod from mom who is it Scott Barrett last year so he we seem to be getting a little bit consistent with it L. could wells consistently inconsistent when it comes to comes through to two cats at the moment so it’s something we’ve obviously not sold out and when you go to all this happening in your garden you can’t develop your gun you’re keeping the teams that you’re trying to get in the contest for a very long time once the once upon a time a little break teams would wait on the storm you know it might be close at half time but B. usually the team that’s playing the old exes put so much effort on the part of trump the brakes went out the second half they probably within the space of two minutes sometimes take that kind of take that died the white from the other team and that’s to me that’s a constant thing which we are just not seeing that and I’m starting to sort of question the old maxim last year this some great plans that have moved on as well Dick you documented the number of times that I’ve lost after the World Cup and you know as somebody like here a great comes to mind and that’s just in terms of terms of leadership I look at this current all black team and and while stocks are the same kind gets a tick in the box for the why that he’s played I think there are several question marks to me around his leadership and unfortunate really Morris came through with an off field interview goes side to yeah it was almost like I agree with Paul it’s almost like my with zero zero deaths but not via and that’s why I’m giving them a C. yeah I think it’s it’s it’s like a whole bunch commentator in the in the life telling the the the very true I think that much going about the back score I would be saying for a while now you’re back to work as being diminishing a bit part of that is just how regularly all the teams played nowadays that have the same kind of the other there there isn’t saying the state got you wrecked they they know the players they do that playing against I think was also on Clinton there about the sense of the entitlement almost certain type what is necessary to write one say complacency going into games a new site that first game against the against the Pumas the standard they were crying out was not something like that in the following game when they pick themselves up they turned around whereas if you think about under background Henry understate Hanson would they allow the variation in the standard of of enough apply to be what it is now or what but you recall multipoint allow variation all standards between games I don’t think so I’m not so I think this is the big thing that your record so things pulled up was one guy which to me stands out where but she was so I wrestled I would I will to change the tactics and both talked to before battle team doing the same thing and expecting a different result and that was the last time I did Tina with I was sorry rituals side basically intrinsically stocking the here that I should stick to their game plan of trying to tackle the Argentinians rumble of the field instead as opposed to plane down into the read side and and putting a bit of pressure on the Argentinians the coming up that was that for me was a was a feature guide in terms of with tactics needed to be changed in the past we sing you the Regina Cole will care and re change of tactics us we’re gonna pick a guy for a while we actually tried to bring the ball sideways and that and that’s what I’m looking for just the change of plane or little guy a little action gameplay change or how much did that lost to the Pumas remind you all that lost to England in the semi final grade will come right I would say it’s carbon copy and they they look like you know it looked like a rabbit in front of the headlights that just could not gonna change what they were doing and also you know real bugbear for bees from a technical point of view the guys you know we need to pick up goes in tight games we have to admit that we would be able to school full prostration whenever the points are on offer we have to master the art of actually kicking goals to win gift as the Pumas you know clearly demonstrate and and also from tactical kicking you know we have to learn to play the right part of the field I know this sounds really basic but if you look at the stats and numbers Dodik’s struggle waiting the pressure is on and they have to play back in the old house and also you know it’s not a big fan Steve and Paul and everyone else of picking players out of position I mean we had some stunning players and the plastic somebody’s would be to enjoy this game mode you know it’s a breath of fresh air was beautifully novation rather than targeting the band in defense he was targeting the boy he was poking yeah you know he was looking for opportunity and what does he do score to Christ back to back so with with all this firepower why is it that we have to pick players out of position and play that and when they keep bumbling along we just keep assisting with it to me it makes very little sense or broad broad about it was the master of the taking the bold if you think back to the number of interest six that he picked off yes some people would say to me all that was lucky I said no it’s not lucky actually reading this actually reading the guys I generally have a Jordan how many times has he done it my day I need you to bed leading on to the field and he did it and that from a coaching point of view you can’t ask anything more of a threat people make their own look at the end of the day quite often and yes it might be it might yes that time one of the lucky but the other ninety times it was the other nights of the Sunday was unlucky not yes so it’s one which would finish we will look at it but our give export is a case of missing the cycle things overnight because the coach is a management we’re replacing the previous coaches management yes this but this had to have the pleasure I’m tired of the message that’s that’s that’s true I’m not total rights protection Beauden Barrett is a busted flush no no no no what’s what’s which one will play of the year but America is not a busted flush the problem I think also there is a from the selection is currently new Zealand’s best fifteen players well not the best fit that are not the best team and by that I mean you’ve got so many you know your place you got most before back to a multiple of five H. the twenty shoehorned into the team what most call seven zero six as you try to shoehorn into which they are not so at the moment the balance is wrong even but to expect is to try to get the best fifteen pleasant park which is not always the best way to go yeah the the word I would use cases Frankenstein your available we Frankenstein where we does put together with you know the horses hot that being said blah blah blah and and and really get to the border talent we have in this country there’s really no need to do that we picked the best players in position play them consistently gives the right to the place to go and I think most of these problems will disappear and it’s going to be a very very different beast every single time the all black school in the field so I’m I’m going to go they will see you hi it’s difficult isn’t it and somewhere in that probably I’m probably a C. maybe a C. plus already that on that one if they have colors they have called the cops but not in the way that we would expect or what took now I want to play the video guys it’ll just take a young a short while ago show shows a short video that we have a discussion about what asked Dixon his culture site about some memory it seems on the one on I was see also yeah it’s this one six that’s right that’s right for that’s a correct this will right culture war she is a hundred why want to see yeah we can always improve right news it’s a great great site off for she hi this is Lisa this is one is spacious because I love it in some instances this is so he’s not here to start an argument he says but somebody has dropped bombshell that book your thoughts M. should that be a marry or blocks or merry on super rugby take what I have to say I speak so sounded very states currently that but he does it as a career grading after rugby might be another candidate for the modified the different the other the way he spoke up was very to the point look I think it’s a great idea and I’ll tell you why you guys I think channeling some of that resources from some of the local levy into sport will create a whole different economy or together will create a whole different set up social opportunities and and and a lot of sort of sub opportunities right around it because rugby is something which really connects communities right across right across this nation so I think it’s it’s a wonderful idea and also you to you know give opportunities for people within the local levy are you coaches administrators and suppliers in thirty somethings a wonderful opportunity it’s it’s going to be taken and seen in a positive way it’s going to be administered structured in a positive professional manner which will seamlessly fit in to the current available structures and of course Sir I think long term it’s going to be sustainable so but I think he’s he’s he’s not a real gem that and really love the way he speaks yeah much much respect in our I’m Stephen the more the more I thought about it when it was a and m’s originally sort of vast spoken about when you tell me about the end of your thought mmhm not so sure about that but the more I think about bluemix really good good point with regards to sort of touching touching base with our communities and species as well as multi multi communities where a lot of knowledge boys have actually fallen off the radar when it comes to playing the fifty man guy we’ll just give you an example but it up to the north of there’s a lot of kids that’ll be next week in recent times that that should be taken out of north end technology play in a row and I’m making a really really good system something like former kiwi edible yeah is is one of those kids that was taken out of north and we’ve also seen with the paramedics stand off there and brown as well out of out of north and south I think it’s a good thing if she creates a lot of opportunities I’m not sure if it’s gonna if if something like that will go here we even the rugby union are allowed but you know like people often talk about the Polynesian commute contribution to New Zealand rugby ball boys Molly have a big contribution to New Zealand rugby as well yeah to make it up I would love it so yes I did you say at the very young a big gap in confusion and Merrill blacks or the or the need to marry what nine you you would without you being rebranded is something that some has been marginalized and given less less games every year which but and yet it’s a team that the public wants to see more moral but well I was gonna side what are neither was something our our recall reading a piece a couple years ago years ago and I must admit it came from an activist but you know sometimes you gotta read these articles with with with I put more in the end it was basically in and around Weah Mahdi rugby was on the I think that it was round about the time that the I IRG country could be renewed and part of that the part of that contract was for these are motivated to play two or three games in the end one year and this particular diversidad it beach said he’d spoken to somebody from the rugby union and I thought it was a little bit of a pain in the neck because the all blacks were the top top plans warranty plans X. amount of amount of rugby about the state activist actually said well hang on user rugby you’ll you’ll greatly use Molly like guides your great look lately use the haka meanwhile after you die a lot of lot of multi culture but you want you don’t you you know you’re Carter refused to give something back on the site site for example what I loved about sentimental civic again and that means that your happen every year but the first thing you will hear is where we set that up there’s always that is why seems to be a very or hearing that guys up fifty four no idea well okay so the question was all students during the dentures different now you’re gonna say the outcome of the clips out some it’s McMillan some response but effectively yet because he said it’s a crowded calendar so wet yeah what way do you well what what what is it fit in again play well I’m playing too many games has got space in the week break ins that whatever needs whatever new season we get inside unfortunately it’s quite clear that something we discussed a little bit on Sunday night on the record reviews are now supposed to be a game such when he’s off the two going going too far down the rabbit hole but some the yeah we will book if if I mean it’s been a missed opportunity let’s be blunt in restructured what Congress ought to happen now uncovered is being that that so it has been messed up ours is we don’t lose the strength all we’ve done it superbly James how well are you gonna say if from a day of all the melodic Cisco is gonna be taking place that site could be in the super rugby teams so whether you have a specific it’s saying what you have is what what about what some of you were you could she could see S. double standards it took away from super precise because a lot of weeds in a place like that as well so I I I that’s not you’re from out for the for the number of teams within super rugby rather than whether they should be married to one I I would argue against that he will not dilute but super rugby player base I tell you I read because of call would Aidid the influx of players coming back into the country who want to have contracts centrally regulated I yet my dependable and super rugby the numbers have increased and that’s why we actually we actually last week when we did the podcast we saw some really talented players actually be self and that’s one reason and there are a number of other players were sitting in the fringes we could easily make it into that group of players but they con because you have a cap for the five super rugby franchises I will have to see how long with that law school I don’t see and because these are the talk quoting is going back up and running next year bye bye what counts in the planes are already yep that training site the the dog’s place so if you could read for example uncomfortable that still applies as well who were made available for my ten one of the available next year and could potentially be a Bible school super rugby if that talk with me I’m going to have so the there’s all that off as can be declines always get sorted out then that that pressure level that attractions come back here will will dissipate as well the the shipping that supp the there were a few and French federation don’t get tough bankrupted by yeah fucking question the legal bill the that I think they also without power to move to to move overseas so that will be element of that some I think so guys quick question before the whole parting shot would I get over to your dog over the yellow cards in the red guide for the weekend no number you didn’t you didn’t tell me pre pre show the one that that was that was a topic and I have another topic to talk about which I don’t have time so but this week so absolutely now if you don’t you don’t really know that I mean I pretty pretty sure then that there would be time for him right so we’ll have to take what we can talk about consistency of operating out of a college AT another time Jordan all season we would definitely we will now we will probably need to episodes for that the Terry make up so one of things we do like trying to avoid doing is bashing the sport and and complain about referees so what we’ll do is we’ll try to keep constructed a conversation so yes I’d be interested so Stephen where would you I have this thing by or would you have as a troubling thing around the whole country who is the better that’s a good question all the key players you know all all tied in regions like farm that I and and and and and also you know just in some really strong body strong holes and edit that out doesn’t get stronger than those two provinces might be down and and and and the and the white couple without one saying that you’re you’re probably have complaints from the self almond as well as the if they’re not getting guns off I think they’re one of those things you’re going to you’ve got a big booty you’ve got to move around because if if it’s if they’re flying out of the museum of modern better it means that it got applied plied various menus but you know what I would take them to the big opinions are actually cut into the smaller smaller venues are calm like host by cultural take moderate military yeah maybe even east coast I don’t think I would think that you know you’re out of it you pick it up they’ll give us you have to talk about tonight it’ll be out another get well well well feed with seafood over I want to go I want to get in the company I’m sorry but it had Rotorua Stephen you also mentioned now I understand the culturally transcend history or not in stock get a free inside right but why did I do get that however Rotorua gets absolutely upholding attendance served my tank up games and that’s our problem the it does not have a population it does not have the sporting culture going in seeing games that unfortunately so for me if you go to another another super rugby franchise does not a waltz guises it has been terrible terrible the biggest city in biggest population base with ouch the super rugby team it doesn’t have the infrastructure I get that that we have to be built for me you have to keep putting it where the audiences and to me that would that would it would have to tell we’ll be back what yeah that that makes that makes total sense because numbers and finances were dictated but but again I feel that if this is structured correctly and if this public consultation amongst the U. we are dead dead dead there are ways to keep this financially liable that these different you wish and I think it’s more doing community engagement as well as Steven Wright he pointed out and this will be a fantastic public relations opportunity when’s it out and also this very concept will actually sell out Y. Salado meet crew I have a lot of connectivity from right around the world because you know New Zealand rugby the hot guide multi culturally something overseas fans of all blacks absolutely revere so this is this I think it’s a fantastic opportunity there will probably be creating more opportunity off the field then on the field I am yes yeah we wouldn’t be a bad memory plays tricks glued from plank does superbly franchises they could still do that if they wanted to so well about such a yes no it would be I would be a team that was predominately that you may even have wanted to play as if that wasn’t the quality because he’s got a competitive team Stephenson Minto suggest yeah he’s he’s a lot for being I kind of a traveling team to be an interesting way of doing it having that five games at different locations all across the five time games like icicles country would be an interesting way of doing it Jack was a six five teams that now I’m just for a wrap up then so current says pulled Debbie somebody in the audience wants to hear about talk about young recalls so sucks we will have one of the main topics next week will be recalls from bell okay now we do not have the time to do it justice now we have run out of time and if I may can just talk about the two minutes those get angry because I’m not given long enough it’s going to take longer than that let’s be honest so there’s no point doing it now because you still have time but we will that will be a key topic for next week just just a quick precursor I look at the two yellow cards from last week’s game Argentinos as Australia oh my goodness me what is his game coming to so let’s talk about that next week okay except the three other calls in the gun so you need to need if it will cost less and I think means to to go to college in the first off the foot the two yellow cards for the keynote in the rock Joe it’s fair to say the next keynote if your to be legal you gotta do to get back site because that way it’s it’s a nice stop begin yet you make contact with your head albeit accidentally surely that’s not gonna have any indication so there you go folks yeah what can I say okay what will also do is even as we would have stayed mostly with state backed conflict back is he wanted to bank is called the so yes I will get the to the to be called Scott not okay because all for next week save Stephen your welcome to join or you make you my skin how would you fancy although I don’t like it right right Angus Angus guy dad couldn’t take a fourteen Dutch five three do it what makes it a big big anything else in the game of rugby I was delusional guys well what is it to add some balance lost me a lot you this year but I think might be early this year that was a survey all over super replies within New Zealand all of the survey to say who they thought was the was was the best super rugby referee and the players said Angus Gardner was the best represent so anyway so breaking news fake news ladies it’s it’s kind of like I do you gonna do you need the Italian in the season so fake news Bo will be cloudy and he thought the next that it’s not it’s it’s true I’m I’m on the road skin color so that’s a good idea or see we see we don’t say either I can say look why don’t see colors no racial things that guy I can say that now gives you all of the so thank you everybody thank you both thank you Stephen for joining me it’s been a pleasure as always other site next week the main topic will be columns consistency refereeing we will have conflict back and what is it we do have that sort we have videos ready for you folks as well so let’s have a look at that and we will not be as for you because unfortunately school I would then give me a copyright breach and I get the I get the channel taken down so unfortunately culture you videos all the of the actual instant but so we might be able to some sort of drawings all or whatever but I’m also stick figures on what it should be noted that okay so couple questions that on site is swinging from the hip hip picks coming back yes we need to producing a bit of issue with the with presenters and availability but we will get swing will docket show back I’m hoping she gets to just to get some I would get to a portable not working at motel right she just reenactments instead but my my neck would break I thought I’d start with somebody just trying to pretend I’m sorry twenty three the whole is becoming a close this will be a mess it’s all fun thank you guys take on his watch what is the last chance to fantastic thank you this is all part cost we do appreciate it become a supporter of museums were ready I head over to ends that’s what radio dot com um and UKM supporter so I can keep doing this she also eight thank you folks and did not thank you

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