The DrivingMaul Show S1E27 Miter 10 Cup Awards

The DrivingMaul Show where the hot topics in rugby are dissected. This week Paul is joined by Steven and Boa as we talk about Pablo Matera tweets, hand out our Mitre 10 Cup awards and give each Mitre 10 Cup Province their end of season grade.

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Auto Transcript

welcome to the driving maul show here on the Monday the first of December yes it’s summertime and we’re still talking broadly oh boy oh boy that isn’t what’s supposed to happen is it some steris but it all just sort of a direct curricular Starkey if they get sick it’s a cricket season yeah absolutely crazy Cole and we still got another week ready to go well we have so yes so we’re going to assume it will be a few things see my checkup wraps up last weekend and so hence we’ll have a quick look at all the teams and they give you a rankings  maybe come up with a couple of my ten Cup awards as well I’m the super rugby franchises here in New Zealand will be announcing that’s what’s on Thursday so I have a quick looks route and see if there are any names or any other positions that we  that we think might some surprises old or maybe some of options that are they yeah and then also we have two unfortunate talk  I felt some racist tweets  without Pablo Matera being stripped all of the  captaincy for the Pumas and two other plays host to be pulled out all of this weekend’s game against the wallabies so what have you got a chat about that as well any other sort of hot topics you’re going from a mist often disparaged no I thought to give cover the law because I think that we’re gonna have a little bit of a device it when it comes to auto soul on the agenda like under the bass player the Martine a couples who the best coaches website I’m really excited socket you got a few candidates are lined up for that specific wards what do you think of those in preparation for probably not but we got this motivation already together I was hoping to us about those having the boat would be getting on and  then we  the slopes there we go  and then hopefully he will be  he’ll be joining us  yep I’ll send him a link that is working  and if it’s not like that that should work so hopefully we’ll see him  joining us in a  in in in in a second I’m sorry here is joining us right now now Alex is already put in the in the mug shot some reinstates  oh oh oh oh my word  that’s Herrick captaincy  into that the hash tag on Sunday good evening about how you doing Sir very good evening fans wherever you are I hope you will help you save small technical glitch back on air yes Barbara Madera mmhm skeletons from the past coming to haunt him in biting on the backside I think there’s much more to the story I think David this is more to do with the fact that the Argentinian public didn’t actually feel that the pool months did not offer tribute more than just wearing a black arm band when they played the all blacks and I think this this this all these tweets from the past recent resurfacing has a lot to do with this that’s my take on it yes I said yes and sun but let let let let’s crack on with that one as well yes arms so strange tweets come out when Australia how to win by a huge margin yes the that’s one way of looking at it  but some from everything I’ve read this is an internal issue within Argentina does nothing to do with Australia  Abdul I’m sorry from from what I’ve read  yes go you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re on the money that the the Chubb wearing and not any of black  on bundles having our daughter’s name on it as well no see um we couldn’t raise that up  but some that’s apparently what was that was because it’s not enough all of a  respect for Maradona I’m under that for some people went so digging  essentially and came up with these old tweets quite hello terra  and it’s just gone blank as to the other two players but some you will also be non   also Pepsi and  I’ll get good care to petty and since August so keynote  have the also  being pulled from the  from the from from from the squad I’m also I’ve read somewhere that some the president all of Argentina’s is up for rest as well  and so there is also other  so some some not attempting to deflect from other news stories the going on inside Argentina as well potentially allegedly on all of those words before I get sued and have all continued that’s what took My Girl I’m sorry I’m not that said you’ll white bread that’s what they do this you’ll never you’ll never see them coming yeah it was special about this in the doctor’s office absolutely  the  so that that’s also been alleged  I I know this slide all this is that we get this year black youth with some beaten to death by a bunch of watch rugby players  as well and  well I’ve read an Argentinian on Facebook   pointing out the that sucks the the the the sort of the the reside in haven’t sold arrests within the middle class is that  and that’s also the group that happens to sport rugby so  and so hence there’s a link that with energy culture which we would know about from from outside the country  which might be which which which will also explain why I looked it was saying let’s say if you making comments from nine years ago  I mean how long do you do you let someone  change the character how how long do you keep yeah did did you get back the sort of things I think if we take into account the fact that cultural link between racism and struck the Indian Ocean City not then you can you can understand why they’ve reacted swiftly and severely the number pulled into going to have a call to buy yes it’s very true song not because I should yes all the whole point that now I’m just making a point of not going to they’ve been high school took blood but something wasn’t a role model  well I’ve only met imagination already look which about someone who’s drug addicts alcoholics  domestic use at a young motorists not to show up  so clearly  I don’t have his personal issues let’s be  back to to put it up but it monthly okay so I could put you to put in some   some lightly  but some yeah it’s it’s it’s undeniable his his son influence on society  in  in Argentina  V. I tell you thanks a lot it’s unacceptable racist comments but it is nine years ago I got shows remorse we’ve not seen that I could not see not behavior for for nine years  then yes I can help out how much do we love to be reformed taxable  I guess is is just part of this  but aside the cultural in case possibly white probably why the on season tickets but swift and done a harsh action any other comments before we before the filing of kept committing to the what the loan central no I think you’re pretty much covered it’ll pull out our surprise this is only going to give the credit to the Argentinian rugby union for making such a strong starts  for starters even though in the case of a problem with you know that that did happen when quite a quite a few years ago but I’m forty sometimes we con Hardwell skeletons in the cold calls yes think think before you type that’s the lesson here so any any young rugby players out there watching this think before you type because it could come back to bite you in the backside hello yeah I I used to work in this banking back in  technique I and they said what if anything that you’re talking to a computer any email you you sending then suddenly  would you be happy to see that on the front page newspaper the ultra yes it’s okay to send the bill to note then you should know before he should not be talking that on eighty four all from media and perhaps you think you get about your actions as well  but such so yes I’m the young the there is rumors rumors that Jack is joining the south south American competition I’m sorry something you’ve gotta talk to them she knew what Jack would be interesting to see who those who who that is  Jackie was he was are you are yeah I would be surprised how yours which joined the the new professional league that’s been set up in   eight in South America  it would make absolute sense for them to do so I even know Argentine already has a team in the competition so that was my checkout I’m kick off  I I was I was just ignorance is a professional I’ve done for this  so  hopefully you’ve got a bit more than that I haven’t got as much as you have but sure sure we chose to start with the easy one though is that you can but the rest of the year yes we start with he cuts government who’s in a unit that easy well let’s see yeah we’ll start with the account well I can all I can think of three that autumn the with the what we’re sick outs depending which angle you’re looking at but I think for me joy we about  is your cat was an absolute shock watching internet that truly is the worst it’s the most LP he cut off enough like a toddler is well on thanksgiving not probably gets into those group does of three boys that are that that come to mind in terms of hit cuts and will probably have to try out for the I wanna analyze three degree because so if you could give me a you don’t want to put the flour cassava has I. as they develop struck the back is that not not not not not at all like I say we we thought it was the  lauds Mexico here in two thousand so even thinks about that log on the street the salty doesn’t look good at the back of my head end up your clean it up because you guys talk about all day every day I have to say that was the most now this is of course subjective sort of big but I’m I’m sure ninety nine point nine percent people would agree with me that this was huge this practice  you know yeah in the in the last  was in the last thirty forty years of professional rugby it’s just one big thing well  the  are you gonna say look look job is  basically  I shave the fronts and then dreadlocks down the back  clearly  is  is one of the worst on as well I’m the player in Japan that did something similar to that my call remember  walks up and using his walls but sorry about that I’m sorry I missed the third ninety you mentioned all other ships have not does he does he slip in there as well all really at the end of the day I think same compared to probably five fuckin saga and we’ve got  probably wasn’t too bad at the end of the day this is a try hard enough coming here that that that was because again he he he’s he’s basically got going love the back with with with that with a bit of a a bleach presented on the tapes is not the whole thing but what about the factors all the house right everybody so I’m yes some some real cool haircuts  and  look at the end of the day these young guys who don’t have to have a small head coach like Steven does to up to during his  his that his day job  I can tell I’m just a fashionista because Hey I hired one and a half I’m sorry send a double but was just basically decided that says Hey  is it better just take the hold off not to worry about in the morning  yeah it is a bit of a show in the morning that’s all that’s really needs I’m so I don’t know what what what the best best placed about fashionista but some they are but I think there’s also a lot of planes going for  we don’t have the  the bleached and then been pink hat as well has been an interesting look but we seem complies  under that then we have enjoyed doing some really horrible things that had to lock down  so yes let us yeah  you go to affect although I would guess whether  but some of that  try the revolt persons as Alex   Alan yep yep well back in the back of the day  that if people wasn’t bowls you couples debate because it wasn’t really a car you should see it exactly spot bought bought Bruce Willis so my agent said but I want to be there yeah and out of the tree yeah get up I will find out what you know if I could that was hit reminds me of an albino man group secrecy it’s just that right out of whack it’s just yeah and it will I’m coaching is your area of expertise Boso which  which coaches this year stood out for you  concerning the cattle work with god three coaches will be the most impressive was the twenty fourth coach  judge go yeah no question I think he’s really instilled some discipline and really worked on holding the basics of twenty five and you know the way they played specially those last four games really personified that coaching philosophy  Democrats out from  the stags you have done a tremendous job again focusing on the issue yes  I think you know all credit goes to that  and you know I think a lot about them it’d be a his you know get the game consistently done some outstanding work I I personally know the level of planning  the no no backroom because I’m not into this campaign and you know in theory guys he was only one drop kick away from we need to have A. B. C.  my dad died of so in that order George Dale and yeah top three picks will be I know what it is yeah we need to talk about the amount of efforts and   the the the thing put into planning decision and that was talking to  his captain since Christmas  so he’s been I mean this this is a long time planning that we’ve done the office go blank the American  the player who was at the blues  we went down that level I am bored turning into so he’d be working with the evening chatting with China more about how they would structure this what what what what that what that in Rome the coach would be acceptable for months ahead of time  which which  which surprised me which which was also pressed by that  I think another person is going to throw in the enclosure movement taken up by plants eat up get promoted and then get into the playoffs as well  although it was was a  it into seasons Wilson was a good shift  football by him  and they’ll see the other leasing sorry polished  Strawbridge again  two years ago promoted and then into the plot so I’m yeah I mean the the again to other countries doing some really good work on the around the province is see who did your great does that sound they call me up is is is is talking about  knives a bottle because that’s probably what made it possible a possibly do is after this but not like I haven’t gone for us for George this year even August like George given that we’re in a kind of a G. also dot cornea  probably published there’s probably a little bit more what what can be done with that with that and also the team because of a life that by starting off I kind of just go off the rails a little bit in the second round them up if you question marks are the some of the  a redoubt original sort of selections but once I found in my junk differently up tick tick in the box I like cam bought love the wicked dial but failed when you could when you consider what he’s actually got to work with which is not a hell of a lot arm he’s the he did very very well and he played he had that same playing with the  a lot of hot and you know that the party limited resources as well site might the beast although  a difficult sister situation but very well lead as well by yeah what tiny label the other two I can do that so I hit the small I think not sure who that who that he cut you testament is without shying Christy injured Goodman or proximity but listen because you’re going to hit them in the mix to come up and do this back to back on either had a very strong squad at the top of the season but in reality they lost a lot of the year they lost a lot of the old breaks into the house a lot of injuries as well Alex Ainley neck of those injured you’re not I have thank you a few guards a few bodies that exceed ended up on the  on the injury list and to come through especially even more so after getting well and truly top white opened at eight o’clock in the round robin guy we like didn’t with a look what with the wheels have fallen off a little bit like downstate very very well and  the other cuts that’s in the picture will mark as such and not enjoy storms from complex by I mean aside because it’s popular in Philly shield they provided themselves to the  the championship division mustn’t along the along the journey as well right bye won that competition very very comfortably and was a lot of talk around that they’d be very very competitive these products are really really good squad to give up and damn listened because that’s that’s where I’m from for me not because it’s just just storms the chocolates were made but that’s only just to hear that the boys replacement he did an amazing job as well as motorcycle critical to dial with what he’s done yeah it took on that one hopes by the only team in the championship the pasta points difference all the rest had negative one because the cost of the games obviously with the  with the premise ships  there is well  so  it’s a matter of which teams haven’t we talked about I guess and this is because a lot of  good job good good good good pieces that  I’m gonna Southland  so we will split decision that banks we we we we would nine checked all the cocoa okay actually done done separately good work  hosted out some technically a number in a list of countries and we’ve already had office casualty of the season  interacting all looking for a  new head coach  down that  look welcome back because they never usually what whatever cuts yet we were called only thirty five and get this with a six I was I was very very young coach been that been tracking on three seasons  thank you to god when people went up to the chiefs I’m done I guess my call maybe maybe too quick  because he couldn’t get more experience before taking on the  the head coaching role  in there and we also wish him the best in that he has no control that opportunity because it takes a long many years left in his career  she got the  I’m a merging play than folks who  who stood he was wrong which is nice the U. S. what will be full steam well thought originality nine so give us something to get out L. L. L. T. front into of course these are full of fucking Thomas who’s been absolutely outstanding  this year we saw a bit of his talent last year so we may not consider him an emerging playa but also shows the hockey as well we we saw that the terms of this kid we’re in a rock rock up with about two minutes to go and and docker river fifty need if you don’t keep to keep Cantabri in the in the premiership Zahn Solomon after not having a contract with the with Oakland earlier in the year boy decide what account two years and within the space of a few months he’s gonna be nine the blues all of these I watch out for that what to look at Josh mold the big tall lock up from up kind of next year’s well looks at a kid on the roads cotton the pen dust also judge Johnson from up by a twenty on the side of the scrum at least for that we do not not seen before but that he also took his open opportunity and a couple of other other boys from out from which the Saudis TKO held from Manila to televise really really impressed me as a as a pilot told rangy physical  very very very tough kid and of course killed his mother cut when I was struggling early earlier in the season Byton care you’re not just being able to use it one time for a while but Jason Robinson looked a really good acquisition for rock county’s medical but he might have been right around the swaps side for me might be any one of those names might be from Africa tabla but we saw we saw a bit of Folau’s attempt last year Paul he got a two year but we we do I get fucked over on site is an emerging as he’s already a super rugby player something about some yet but will we will definitely   put say had scratched him from the output from from from from this from this category great wonderful by the husband so I can put we can put in another category that but that’s okay of all well look up with me I’m I’m I’m good actually been altered by Sierra and gave you mention Zahn Sullivan I think that’s me knocking on the door you know I love the way the skid plates specially the  got a premium or consumption  I think he got three opportunities to kick a goal of full color this season they’re told three other specially that semi final really knows when to inject himself into the game he’s got a great work great he’s got good expect that and you know who who  school contract with the blues who hopefully get them very shortly and you know he’s he’s got all the characteristics of bead that expect the player who can spark something out of nothing and the guy opened coaching stuff used to be very very well  the other person I have to mention I’m not quite sure whether he’s quite fitting the Ford of anybody black is the white couple half back zero  really you know incredible player again lots of energy lots of enthusiasm great attitude great work great almost like a mini mode of Erin Smith in the making so  hi I have a good at least as long as Mr Harris’s but as I’m gonna I’m gonna be I want you to be biased as I said before with the  college right pose a plan designed to grow old with one interestingly enough another go at being what you just mentioned freedom Bacolod as well and we do apologize albeit you sure as hell prepared we ops that I’m actually writing a listing on the run and I forgot Dr freedom’s light but you have freedom as well because I suppose you’ve got a look at Gaza war sites basically first year put their hand up and within the space of one year they’ve gone from wanted teams to super rugby and freedom choice he’s gone off the lawn and he’s already made the holidays is resign resign of Solomon so I really and truthfully does probably if you really narrow it down to your one is probably coming from one of these one of eyes to god’s will that will be on the cards that we mentioned are promising what I will leave it to pull to us what this decision may I know the place from the start it could be some really who who we know who’s going to get picked up I mean  the super contracts so and so and so on okay so I’m checking it right also it will be at one with the chief’s job site it’s good to see that we are seeing some of the the these guys are getting rewarded  a few for full coming through and  and I’m making a mock so that’s what we thought but we have to make a decision you’ve got this idea right I’m gonna Geisel Freedom House Farkle and  boy was gonna gases on site we do we actually need somebody to split us on my side if we can get some votes rolling in a run with you will run with you all the lights at the at the end of the disulfides are out three that would so we’re talking about freedom freedom vital John Sullivan and Xavier right so those are the three side  I just seen your bike sent and at the end of the day  a little bit like the American diplomatic system what the pharmacist will speak right results what’s more diplomacy you may not you may not boxing will spring up across that yeah yeah the okay so what the other says if by the steps all the money freedom had was positive carry meters in the competition so for a eight to play I mean that’s that’s fantastic specially when the Odessa available at my stand level to be doing those sort of numbers is you know it’s it’s phenomenal and just goes to show how good a player the skin is I’m not sure what the same county strike a chord with his name in big bold run it run out white truck think who  who that might have been  but some what would your gun while stunned most   Stephen  I because it’s because he’s doing things on the fly machine he’s also going to offer you a list of them player of the season so I walked you through that the county’s player as well are you cut out I thought this was a real interesting one because of a lot of guys held the heads up I’m so busy right now C. was just absolutely outstanding in everything that he he did the weekender the kids this year little but quiet and the final but another guy he held his hot hand up in that same same formal it as being a really devastating and consist of the pavement throughout the whole season is listed for outlook I think he’s been really outstanding as well really really consistent  a couple of other plans of going for the outgoing for veteran because when Kennedy was struggling they needed somebody to really really stand up and he stood up and to really to get the guidance and are running both the teams that played in the final and docks and he was pretty solid at the beginning of the season Luke Romano is is with a real special mention because I I think you really stood up another player that are you I quite liked walls  different different Flanders as well from works by  given given looked really really good   just just looks like a little break in the bicycle and the Mikey call me a little bit bossy apples are going for Sam Sam not couple Sam Nock had an outstanding season fall for northern of which we sadly sadly missed  when with with basically  he got injured also like the look of I dream chart from  open odds all I thought just really outstanding at the turn out a outstanding at right yeah the single isn’t just a little tot dies it dies a few times that I that I wrote down I think you’ve also got a struggle I’m a couple of other look after leaders in there as well who are outstanding to be remiss of me not to mention aspects and who was just yet he just keeps on keeping on anywhere else in the anywhere else in the will he publicly running around is the number one okay and of course Thailand board just absolutely inspirational lack of self that no I apologize if I missed anybody just trust your ideas  if you’re if you’re tuning in but just check up check up there on the Facebook site but also brought to book was the well to do you might that’s a that’s a very very long list I I actually I tried really hard to write about this but then I came up with two beds two names which really stuck out for me Sally C. Lassie a clear topic I think he’s he was the most under utilized there is anti competition unfortunately Oakland’s ask a little bit too hooked up on playing that attacking shapes in the final it didn’t really play what you call it you know constructed rugby for a broken bricks interesting enough I was having a check we just gone up a few days ago and even a very interesting company said boy you know at at N. B. C.   you know what he was doing was at New Zealand Cup up my day you know teams aren’t playing rugby and I said well what do you mean this is well you know every everyone so hung up on paying the ships it’s I the one three three one two four four two yup deems I’m looking to do strike moves off the a second third rock recycle knowing when he was playing  you know but it’s the first and would suppose I would call it a move and Dave woods and that’s what I think was missing and right now C. given those sort of opportunities you to score a lot more tries and you read a very very influential role to play in the final the other play out going full Johnny Mustela journeyed not the life of the party I think many to it an amazing season  against little bit under utilized on the strike moves he probably needed a bit more  the board to play with but whenever he was given good quality front football try type on that left me and I get very exciting player and  you know  fix that board up those exciting Puget because north rim they’ve always had  and  I think  yesterday sure made a comment that he was very normal bury my desk I have I have to join the name  Roubini thought wanting boots up  another great Northlands and Bruce store looks very very similar style brings the crowd brings the community lots of excitement  but big in between those two hit update so let’s see privacy or yeah I I’m I’m I’m I would let let’s define nuclear from Tasman for me  really small my up my kind of player who just will not mention many tens all this which is  the Atari black and we could see some just controlling things qualify by plenty personal stand out but I think they made any mistakes when the stakes when those those kind of players  that  it was interesting you put up quite a few of the older names mostly we had back supplies and with school supplies like come back constant low stuff off the park we don’t see but suddenly a mess and Adam Thompson hello I gone through all the plans to come back  press left late season but it’s been good to have them around to draw is that that some of the leadership role that  but yeah let’s find out that’s funny you could for me well that means that leaves me with the casting vote I would imagine so I’m going forty four you’re gonna get out now but today I am going to go with that yeah right I see this is what we what we talking about some of those leaders around I think we all should throw it might be captain of the year as well because I think that will probably be some relatively easy selections when it comes to  skippers of all trades   just probably looking at the candidates as Dixon I suppose stands up tiny labeled a very very good so very very good skip all I I thought full term or boy E. R. I also think the secrecy which I think is a very a very good skipper for route for Wellington before he was shackled into the old wrecks but really if you know the type because if you could think of somebody else I can already Chris and I can only think of one clear one yes absolutely  yours he gets installed don’t go by after X. and clearly is not who  who leads them around thirty four aspects that clear easy topic he’s got the man out he’s got the real presence is very decisive we mix of course you know and I think all the boys specially invited NBC though the respond really well good because he’s that old estates but one thing I I do have this is I’m I’m not a big fan of getting most of the older boys coming in okay a position  I think up in BC is is is a pop quiz program too hi owners we need to get bowl  younger players in boulder and but that’s that’s that’s the a personal coaching by so I have I’m I’m again I’m I’m not a big fan of trying to get guys who have had you know three and sixty something games going overseas coming back because they you know they need to contact it’s  you’re you’re far better off investing in a younger player and giving them opportunity that’s just my take on it because I was just I was just thinking because if we even need somebody to come off the beach for the shot we could bring up been working on because he’s just mentioned David Havili for his leadership and consisting of consistency of performance you could point that being we get have to probably advise would probably be your three of the next exit lane born the end not differently diverse obviously you’d have to side I don’t have the you know I just did not drop your standards out throughout the season even even I forget sometimes it’s never easy to the arctic skipper Asad from a speech she wet the bed but at least you get a vision you do see coaches that a lot of other people  died C. N. dot just replying to air before yes we’ve been to the house of the folds of or a process under the bricks it’s just hype it’s just the way it out it’s just their opinion and the way we see things yeah they only took you for so the the plan we think you off from nine counties is a delight to Lani yeah big strapping lad yeah  for what one do I have to say is  you know one of the reasons why we haven’t spoken about too many first fives or tens is because most of the teams are playing buttons they either play off that night well they’re obsessed with these attacking shape so you don’t really see their attacking flair and creativity from but then on this you have a real special place  said that’s that’s that’s a pack and you’re starting to see  pretty much a writer of the would I mean I was watching the England V. Wales give the other day and you know it’s the same thing you know they’ll be able to robotic the very good it will be playing the Spartans  but purely from a  you know excitement going to view your door basis there you see does expect a individual breaks it’s across so that’s probably one of the reasons why we’re not talking about too many for spice yes the we also got somebody well on Sunday scrum also help back something with  the but we’ve said that those role  those rollout  are you sort of pleasant so much so Jane booze must’ve lost my will to as well  we mention quite a few  health backstories about Sean drugs about chat this evening Sir yeah it’s interesting at the site so much money more often nine then we’ll visible to us the tens all  quite often nowadays also I am quite a lot it seems now will play with the  with the full back coming in and being the first to save a little away up playing first receiver for awhile as well  which then also kinds of thought takes some of that some takes away from the first five miles to get to the beach to shine  as well nocturnal rites yes  complaining soon the  the referee is a big topic and I’m not gonna spend the next half hour moaning about not because you could very easily do so I’m so then quickly on site  because we’re fourteen teams to go through a Maruti forty minutes and sh you’re going to go now very quickly through and give  A. B. C. O. D. how do you rank the team compared to how you think that the pre season expectations all the team work  and we’ll start with the championship  at the bottom of what what what what what will make a way out metal chick Finnish lost just one win for the season  personally I think they have particularly high on you I don’t have to get high expectations for  but even so I think it’s C. great for them this season I I would expect to be yeah baby place all too often it Rick really tough because because you’re not losing  we’ll take a break at the start of the season to bye bye have plenty they also must raise around strong out to Wellington although he he didn’t feature for Wellington because he was injured and of course not having not a lot about the just took so much for apparel that team will be guy revolved around the half baked Jamie Bruce Wilson it’s it’s it’s a hard one to mark here because you know they they had a lot of young guys in the in the sought the good news for them as they have it looks like they’ve got a couple young guys remembered automation to kind of help before he looked at it looked like a really good plan I had another number right L. Thompson boys just forgotten his R. it is nine eleven season he looked really good all up for the season I would probably be good disappointed site they probably heading to a C. Montessori day there are site because Gary what talks also another experience pleasantly son that suddenly lost in the off season as well so you you’re right is a very very young site on the boat yeah look  there’s a there’s a long list of excuses for these guys the big league losing all those players and look at a black was  a fairly Benedict’s use but disappointment D. for disappointment I was expecting a lot better  so you know I I I look at some of the patches of play they had it was just you know quite a bit by that time so I think they can do a lot better  yeah it’s a D. the fear okay I’m next up countries medi cal you know I’m at three wins from seven finished sixth in the table  a site that was in the pressure on me what’s up Los seasonally before  so are you just being a a but yes I’ve been running it for the last two years  aside from me that would be a difficulties medic cow I know the building a lot of structures and try to put things in place next year but some under under under new head coach this season but for me I think cat counties finishing sixth in the championship I would have to give her date  for that much to cook foods and I’m gonna I’m gonna go for same I’m gonna go for a C. minus I found out that a little bit of form two words there in the end and there were times that we competed against a but premiership times I’m gonna cut a little bit of selected the C. minus I have no sympathy I would pull even disappointment do it given this structure given and  the verdict I did put into the planning and some of the plans for example guys that dated go coming over from Japan you know under utilized I I know how whether they put alright this is into the club will be a great  so you know I can get you know very very disappointing they should have done a lot better  so yeah D. for disappointment next up Southland fifth in the table ten again three wins from that ten games  but SO two extra bonus points so my head all the the head of counties  and for many of the yeah that looks three wins because if they didn’t win a game all season you may also go to site  well let’s be your beep plus the mate full self yep all all go along with that  sort of thinking of a C. class or a or a baby so what’s the hard to be on the safe thank god I think I think football several I’m gonna give them a B. plus this year  because they’re probably a couple of games along the way that they’re really kick themselves for losing that game against Muslims across the street could have also had a win against white castle really and truthfully I think of when I dialed the cloud me seat at the beginning of the season that he said they were going to make the top four not just to be back up at my account number so I think  I think somebody might be a very yeah I mean they were eight points off the top for the student that got that well look at the coaches the  could you could you could I always look for effect he told about critiquing input so I think we’ve got to give up my personal view is Dale with the planning with the murder of rugby IQ he brought it in and how he managed his resources with with the players he had gonna give me if I thought guys there you go well I okay interesting study but will they of the Cherokee other side like counties being run against the Los two years which was two years ago now  started off with redfin data she went round but she’ll this yet  but finished record of six and four all the twenty four points that issue by just points for using those points you are close in a lot of those losses  but we have seen the coach doesn’t go down now for me this is a C. turnkey our site that should be  I should say my think  Ortiz challenge okay much questions that actual they’ll down cash because the stadium  but I think yeah see for me  this yet simple yeah I are all going to go along with it and I contemplated in that scene before is is well I realize you’ve got all the injuries but yeah listen Dave dear dear sawed that still had enough quality quality nines to to put out put out some beautiful foreman says what what they did and it started really start well from them and I was getting ready the house with the with the injuries but yes she sings about what I agree I agree  Steven and I don’t think you’re being hospital I’m going to be really really I shouldn’t I get can I give someone a you fun classical all night I look guys I I think don’t you extremes disappointing  you know if they look back and yeah I mean and I get all these issues but again it just it’s it’s a reflection of you know  what’s what’s happening with the organization and  you know you have to  especially in this era you have to be able to do very quickly  communicate amongst each other and sorted out so very very  disappointing before but yet again and people disappointed okay well the group but you’ve got somebody who agrees with you because Dr Ross agrees with you as well if you could tell us exactly what the fuck look lost too often guides that highlight the you know for the next flight from far far far far reaching ten also twenty four which signs turnkey unless you got more wins that I’m  and that you know this is a site began that some has been yo yo yo yo of the loss of the season had that twenty to get run run losing streak  no longer but also what we’re making semi finals  a couple years ago as well so I’m very much your your site I would say probably  because of the improvements with the end of the season I’ll go for  for B. minus four phenyl frontier  on this one  she he also thinking what what what the sign is a big part of the normal the big ones I think it is I guess thanks we want to take you back to sleep I’m going to I’m I’m going to go for a for a baby because I don’t think I really found their attacking structure until probably the game up and cry Kelly when they played one couple at a taking wise that did struggle a little bit longer they hadn’t really scored a lot of points via  sit pace one of the walls that are too nice to say yeah I’m gonna go with I’m going to go with the baby well three VS three B. side to say not that very very exciting site  it looks it looks a high degree of excitement bowl bids and they they really figured out how to play rugby specially those last three full games where they attacked with they they attacked the age and they got the spike up is like turning back the light especially Sam Rockies performance  wow hopefuls will be the real excitement machine very intelligent and also  coupled with the coach how he’s brought that rugby I cue on the table the probably doing a lot of classroom work on the white board off the field and he did it show does it really showed the character of the errors and also I think you you know the energy so for me B. north of the Wilson also won gold work absolutely now that’s what we need to say I’m the now not so much also agrees with a baby in a live chat that we go to a tall goat milk  my previous season chats with the coaches coach from that was that this was the season they will look at their targeting promotion that anything else was going to be if I get  and that’s what made this will be a safer than  because yes it also is a home semi semi final but then  but lost that one I didn’t make the final and so if you if you if that’s your expectations pre season then for me  Otago probably the associate that  points Melbourne that annoys most improved I just don’t see it at times yes we have a target on the seat right I got I got a ticket for a bite  we just ask them what are your own boss well what do a full and it looks I think I think that the most number of  good news conceded in the competition  so yeah I’d I’d look and this is a debate that I go to see my distance that’s okay yeah listen live also director of lift the shield and then applied against hoax by you’re not quite basically is is very very disappointed and that once again in the semi final at time yep they’ll probably just too many too many little disappointments in the white so yeah I’m I’m agree see for a dog yeah I’m calling this is Dave lifted the shields most of the  hopes they look at I’m taking issue in it to the sum up  seven wins from freight beaching operations teams that any change in the chapter twenty with with fifty one points points difference I posted points difference I’m Chuck may it’s gonna be an eight for Hawke’s bay  the the the the the one black mark against them  it was nicknaming the Ranfurly shield right the same running looks off the for the for this for this for that no season yet not not not not not a fan of that  but sub pump nothing yet looks like a good good on the field  some dodgy  since unfortunate names off the field on the social media  in listen I think you’ve got a but what site plus listen you’ve got to give them an ID yep you’ve got to give them IVS I for the season  it’s it’s it’s simple as that what qualities what  probably be a couple of games where they will be out a little bit disappointed with that especially that know how to guide but you know I understand that I think they’ll probably try to reach the place a little well beaten that Exxon at north part north harbour stadium and  I don’t know if you can actually call them the bite because they did get beat but I think this year you have no results for the difficulties that I have to say that they definitely definitely not that the bite so I corrected it has to be an I. this year yeah that’s three is that it’s three is easily the most strategic site based leader  date pick to choose their battles very very well most of the points differential I mean that that does you that they targeted the games that wanted to target they came up with the right result soul from a overall holistic point of view great coaching great players  you know great management to the playing roster a plus okay a couple of A. minuses in that but so and that’s my cell yeah that sucks but I’m not sure we can you summon that buy plenty found putting in I want to stop that we can someone that’s coming from I’m moving all of them that soon the  premiership will fall about five from five to twenty seven points two points off  that it seems that some I think really turned their season around early in the season I have them down as often as I can three losses  I had been down as  it is definitely  right right I guess it  but really for all the way to the end something’s wrong but I think even though you’ve already got your so  and that is a C. because it really I should be because the performances now it’s on the ground  I’m I’m not I’m not going to suggest if they actually sent just jarred loose and just the way that started and once again they’re another team that beat by teach both the producer Paul Lewis yes which is just random and crazy  I because I’m pretty sure I know you’re talking to a few of the Oakland touching stoplight if she wanted to play however again just to get some  pay back for that loss but it wasn’t to be I’m listening just the start of the season just absolutely killed them and I will start playing catch up and I think a bit of a light point was also losing to Southland downed and and the Kagel as well a guide that should what and that’s with the greatest respect to L. L. friends down in the in in Southland  at the end of the tight end at that site cuts right it’s just really the difference by school thirty three points on the final by  you have to probably say they want us to make well  yeah we got a couple of days in that from Middleton Watson Simon but aren’t the Oakland fans giving harbored cool cool cool story up at Los onto that is not like a house of five’s been willing to sort up what was it they were just so fire and brimstone and then they just kind of lost their way a little bit all up you know and  I agree to it you know this bit of a baby step using this out that they should never ever ever lost that game but they did  just consistency you know consistency and also from a technical point of view I wish they had taken more shots at goal because had they done that you know will be a very very different stories so but recent yeah I’m sort of leaning more towards that in a B. minus CBSE bye bye to Syria yeah I think the expectation was  expecting or hoping to be part of that medication bottle preseason anyway I think we didn’t expect people that relegation battle that we thought would probably be  well into the playoffs we once had five wins again five losses twenty one points just cut side up on  on bonus points  that seven try bonus points in ten pages this is some going the most out of any team in the  of the  the the the lake and then to score many points but the lady in the two hundred forty eight points  which is the second most in the up front in the premiership  I gonna say once and for me I’m going to be at a C. minus if but if not at the actually   but such yeah I I I yeah really poor season four full four weddings and a and my books the yeah I’ll go I’ll go to agree for slugged it stopped forty well and I’m talking about right a really convincing when I’ve opened it at eight o’clock all sorry I’m that was the second guy might be top opening box thirty nine twenty one but if you think back to the first guy that I played against white couple but you’re not a complete turn around I got him some of the threats walkable put on fifty three points and then you’re not just not just a whole lot of inconsistency along the way and I think along the way that she got knocked over by a couple of the to be corrected that they’re not a big big bought couple of championship side yet hopes by not the my right in the old son who’s just looking down the table here though a big black tiger in a one pointer as well so I’m I’m thinking Wellington I’m sorry I’m going to give these guys a C. minus they’ve got they’ve got a lot of the the pick from down in the capital and to stop so well but be so inconsistent with the standards yet realize they had a couple of players pulled out here but yeah just all over the place well it’s a difficult political anything consistent since eight months remain bring fault everybody believe politics  spoke of the what are you what are you I I I agree wholeheartedly with Steven and for me you know the biggest export of Bennington boys with with that talent  and the Grosseteste these guys they actually forgot how to tackle instead it was better to approach this yeah I was I was gratified yeah I’d be pulling it out because you know we do it with those sort of quality players  you know the points differential and the the the border points to consider tells your story so  with if if if we were to put all these teams at the university of rugby defense I do agree with the class with honors with a depressed area and it said to me one of the best buys the supporting performances was actually she’ll challenge I get stopped walks by we host by just basically ran all over them all obviously on the field and I won the fight with the bench during strikes as well because obviously obviously stuck it to them verbally just to remind them as well  who they were and  that that particular performance was just size substance when you were challenging for the shield yeah yeah I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m done just going back to the email  I’m confident fortune five  I’m sorry because if you’ve got a bit of an echo going on the bachelor that’s come from  but it’s country and far from fine  that  twenty one points the same as   Wellington again saves all the lost of the season may first site that has some  so what being an old one something like yeah seven out lost ten  I know this must be a six of the last ten books that we have that big one nine out of ten  recent years cancer free not being in the playoffs is a date for me this is  this a massive under performance for country number yeah I think looks like dis the if it did it did it very very disappointed by that high standards I I see I sincerely hope that this is not the stock over a bit of a decline we’ll get a brief specially at NPC level  you know very very erotic very  very inaccurate at times very understandably like  the motor on posters they made so  you know that they’ve they’ve got a bit of work to be doing and  yep extremely disappointed I was talking to a couple of my mates dyad tend to be fans and yeah they weren’t happy so there you go D. for disappointing Canterbury I’m I’m concerned when she did a get down below off the scale I’m are you minus you want to suck I’ll get it all goes by Aaron isn’t going to chip on the shoulder he’s got a tree on she was going to fall but not all once all these little bites over all what is going on not going to go as high as you go out because there’s a couple of guys in the we at light boy I need I need I need a point to that here and here and then I’ll be there so they lost about three games what point in doc what frankly like she played what I thought was the best game of the season which was a telemarketer Cantabri she’ll challenge when we had all the all blacks on board and  you know I can be that guy was almost of all super rugby labelled intellectually thought by despite the the life of the lightness of probably the life what was getting done bye bye take you forty four eight but you know what by shutting hick of a lot of character under the pump I needed to look when the last two games and one of them I had to go away and be testament and not only did I details with python has been twenty twenty nine no so on that basis alone because unless you go to give them a say wow wow very very very kind of thing that I don’t have the funds to avoid cancer then six from four I’m twenty one point to send reports as country wanted to but so called cells in it to the  the the the plows I’m a second season premiership and again great start but faded that seems to be the white cats are model  apps  at the moment so I went  I think got beat for white castle because I just couldn’t see through what was a really good start recompense wet where would they want to be seen  preseason I think they’ll be happy with fourth  second not put it so well yes definitely  for that and then we kissed brings upon the country’s loved most young talent of any promotions so  so the future it does look a little long at Stephen white castle I’m your single one will really really young saw it and liked that got through to the farmer had a couple really good ones along the Y. speech that wind again star Cantabrian apartment down in cost you twin Cantabri still had a lot of a lot of bodies around that was a really really good good win for them and if you look at some of the of the losses you know I really I did open guy and that they will well and truly beaten but they and they were there a few cool if you close ones along the way any really awkward placement  took them to the sword but when you consider that the young this information so that stuff all that sought Bob Bobby someone knocks and  it’ll so Thompson the the two all the statesman was sought yeah I think they’ve got a lot to look forward to sell what I’m thinking maybe a big yeah I’d I’d a book too it’s the lower skill of the BB minus up just to get by doing consistent  you know when they were when they want five they were really really owned by the hot dance but boy when they were to do that we did call it show of this the agents is completely listless and and one of my biggest bugbears is you know this is some of some of the players they had on the roster pretty good Adam Thompson I think  Boyd was doing was just holding up some of that young talent coming through their local  club system not a big fan at all especially at my dead level so yeah we’ll be a B. minus I have plenty then the first year in partnership so it’s saying that so I feel pretty proud of that so  the the lower health check will be in the  relegation scrap and it looked like that early on so things round  signs like five wins on the bounce  so to see them into third place on thirty one points at certain made this community for food for about twenty first season back internship consulting to playoffs sure they come up short against husband is reformed but I think young for may I a good season for backcountry she I’m I’m gonna go with the baby plus I mean to say you spoke about that early season form and that there were probably more to come the box to get relegated after losing the exact three step three early guides especially after a while I can put them to the sold thirty thirty two to thirty two team sort of thing and that also will convict them side I look what we got but we’re gonna struggle but I’m you know I see it see it play to them like they turned around stronghold of  woods to give excluding net forty four ites and Mikey site coming from the going from the championship but I’ll tell you what I think they were reasonably geared to be in the premiership when you look at the death god so I’m going to give them a big plus for this year you’re definitely on the same boat B. plus because the way they bounced back from some of those defeats so it’s a real character and also you know went back to the planning and also off the field I think the the the union of their penny has has done a lot of good things too  prop up the structure is setting all it’s just a reflection of how they build the feared as well so yeah the bus that before the top so you certainly you know the  I’m gonna be having I’ve got lined up on  chats with Southland counties Manukau and north wind  vote for post season welcome back the end of the year refused lost on my check up around the whole year for them as provinces I went looking for having a chat with the CEOs from those three provinces to do well look out for those two guys coming out on the street and also as a pot costs lower because this was only gotta decisions in the sports radio on your favorite podcast shift  and W. A. call Spotify I heart radio on shoes I will also list some wonderful places  talisman then back to back champions  no no no what we know is convincing as lost yet having to go white so you in call and when it’s  it’s going to be in a because they are champions  but I think if I’m honest because I think there was consistent during the season as they would want to check out what is a big stick D. A. R. R. would probably give them and give them a I because I want once again at the strict by looks untouchable at the beginning of the season when you look at the depth of squad but all of a sudden I actually hit the guy what’s excited losing a lot of guys that big conference on or said I’m not listening to quit and strange he said we all of a sudden losing allies because we actually hit the guard to it and Klopp lies and Britpop pleasant to the sight and end this into my daily it’s a it’s a compliant much more folks  you know just for a couple of examples one of the locks in one of the props that by board so all of a sudden I had to eat into the air at the R. union gets and we’re sure the wheels of rocket for love specially  that’ll combined but you know what like Sade he come along a character with a favorite song or not said why not and to do it back to back with the squad that I hit it pretty pretty well cut so I’m I’m going to give them the I. Q. Sydney I would I would kiss it but some yeah I and I used to make well what I’d I’d be going a plus back to back champions and they won the key moments with the capital they had and they knew which well goal looking for the right type water so  you know give the injuries and doing all the players the the all blacks they lost  you know fantastic work to specially come come to even pass and do that and keep and hold that data and most importantly it started  you know take the better that’s our goal in my view that was the most important decision in the entire season and it was the right decision well done a plus twenty that Oakland  champions two seasons ago so I thought the second final in three years  the same number of windows seven assessment  but some three more bonus points for them handily at the top of the table with I think they were told that with a week to stat  so correct correct restaurant type class   but some yeah what well this is the final came up just short in the final  I think  this could be a nice Fulton for me I’ll say I close with a big winning over will but some of the lost season two of trying to to to come back  and  console package that back so I’m sort of on trend final was impressive but  yeah press two for spoken saying nearby but listen right by our young sought after that case when guy Martin Britain has been in the round robin articulable must put a ring around the but for some reason  from pretty little thing going even though they won that particular time just what it was let my head drop shop the couple levels I couldn’t quite put my finger on it because I had a reasonably good cities and all of a sudden things like laundry started falling falling apart and it was a real problem for them in the in the formal end your night once again being at the press conference a lot better be a very very disappointed and it certainly wasn’t the well the price of a couch that was looking into it and and I  I plus sort of the school calendar to me he was so disappointed I think you could have easily gone to a Montessori even take them to a a plus for me yeah I I agree Stephen I think you know fading fading a plus in our sorry Big Bird fading in my decision to be blessed because again you know they lost some key key moments and speaking of final you know they they they pick me up to do just take those opportunities  and but what was really alarming was  this set piece though I know they just stopped  capitulated few key going to the season and yeah just you know from what I I know the motor planning which the coaches  put into this campaign and not you know that they’d be they’d be really really disappointed with the outcome so  I’d say I’d say a good B. plus could it be that aid but I’m happy to do that the beat us well earns over sea of rope  Beijing season Dave the fine he says  now about I guess I’m glad he’s not walking millions yeah well I was always that also got the side side thing I’m glad he was my great teacher  because I would probably still be at school expectation right to leave school no no certificate sorry your diet your diet Ave so so the school view yes against the war just go back to school bus go okay let’s  we have had time to go through what we might think might happen on Thursday with the  superbly squads but I think might come back later in the week into a special what special sharks talk about their super rugby squads  and who gets picked  only and well I’m I’m only think it will be very surprised for the team in yellow  so  maybe someone that that some of it but it’s probably ninety eight that one is what I’m thinking I’m about so we’ll have to wait and see all of that one tomorrow night I’m I’m gonna be at the premiere okay  torment  it here over in Hamilton to my posting some post match interviews so what do check out the Facebook page that on Thursday I’ll be at the   backs the memorial plaques the  this is Moana pacifica  a media event  so keeping some interviews from of that but I can put it on the page as well as covering the game and being at the game with my media calls the first  the  made it possible for the  the  merry or blacks this is the  who to call I’m one of six got into a fist on the river be New Zealanders uneven rocks right now she’d given me I need you also want to be from the provinces Hey folks maybe just maybe I’m really making us your relevant irrelevant right your available yeah a motorist I was having a training run that Monica rose up to three PM you know so it’s good that a community event so just the record have say guys very disappointed I didn’t get to have a bit of a rant about the refereeing in the card so that I could be doing god’s last week but I’m sure we would have to give opportunity coming up in the weeks ahead I’m sure I’m sure and that was such a great show  looking shots like you aren’t perfect if you love the show then do becomes Porter all use in schools right you have to pick your own dot com for such sets radio and you can support the sharp financially  and  yes maybe I can see how much it’ll cost that under that much using eating spacings teachings chasing as a site  but some they are getting around to all these events  so folks I’m also actually as you know because of the announcement for the monarchs the rebels beheadings to some five clicks to walking on it fast as well so all of that content coming up on the  all the records  of the page I’m not sure what suppose influence these days also joined prince  not really I’m sorry what thank you Stephen thank you Bella absolute pleasure as always and that catch you all later

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