Autumn Nations Cup 2020 Round 1 Predictions

The Autumn Nations Cup 2020 is here. Hum that 2020 at the end of it is interesting…..will it ever happen again???

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If you’re wondering what it is well it’s the 6 Nations sides being joined by Fiji and Georgia (after Japan pulled out). Split into two pools of 4 teams and at the end of it there will be finals to decide the finishing order.

There has been discussion over the relative strengths of the two pools. The to pool has teams ranked 3, 5, 8 & 12 with the bottom pool being 4, 7, 11 & 14. It looks as even as it can be but that wasn’t the deciding factor, it was to avoid repeats of the delayed 6 Nations games.

Anyway you’re here for the Autumn Nations Cup predictions so let’s get into them.

Ireland v Wales – Ireland by 10

They’re all fairly easy to pick in the opening round really. Wales are in such disarray that they have just parted ways with their defence coach after only 5 games.

Sure Ireland got comfortably beaten by France but France are a godo side and at the moment Wales aren’t.

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Italy v Scotland – Scotland by 10

Let’s be honest Italy’s final is their game against Fiji. They are going to lose against Scotland and France with the only question being “by how much”.

6 Nations 2020 Table

I’ve gone for a very generously low margin because Scotland are losing 10s left right and centre. First and second choice are gone and Hogg had to step in there during the last game. Still Scotland will win comfortably.

England v Georgia – England by 20

Another game where the only question is “by how much”. So much so that the bookies aren’t taking bets on England to win. For all the clamouring to get Georgia into the 6 Nations, they have never beaten a Tier 1 side.

Even the computer thinks it’s an easy set of predictions

Looking at the group that they have been put in and it’s not going to happen during the pool stage of this tournament either.

France v Fiji – France by 15

I know that Fiji beat France 2 years ago during the Autumn Internationals. My post match reaction video to that game is still one of my most watched on YouTube.

However the French side has changed massively since that game. This French side is much better than the one from 2 years ago and improving quickly. This is another game that is just a matter of “by how much”.

EDIT: Interestingly the TAB betting team sent this when I asked them why there aren’t odds available on this game yet.

“Yes those odds will be released tomorrow once the teams have been named. There is significant uncertainty surrounding the lineups due to covid and  French club rugby rules around which players can be released for international rugby and when.”

Record So Far

Hey it’s week 1.


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