6 Nations 2020 Round 5 Predictions

What a funny year, I actually wrote a 6 Nations round 5 prediction piece earlier this year but obviously the games didn’t go ahead. Looking at those predictions and I don’t think that I need to change a thing. Sure the reasons have changed a bit but the results look about right to me.

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Wales v Scotland – Wales by 7

Back before lock down Scotland still have a mathematical chance to win the 6 Nations! Below is what needed to happen for that and as you can see Italy didn’t beat Ireland:

  • Ireland to lose to or draw with Italy
  • England to lose to or draw with Italy
  • France to draw with Ireland
  • Scotland to beat Wales and get the TBP

So this game have no baring on who wins the 6 Nations and is “just” for pride. Still it’s a 6 Nations test match so will have both teams going at it hammer and tongs.

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Last weekend we saw Scotland pick up an easy win over Georgia. Not sure that we learnt much from that. Where as Wales made a good start against France but were beaten by some lovely attacking rugby.

That means both sides have had the opportunity to brush the rust off and I’m backing the home side (in an unfamiliar setting) to get the win.

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Italy v England – England by 40

Maybe 40 is a bit high as Italy have had a game where as England’s game last weekend was cancelled due to a Barbarians covid bubble breach.

Perhaps I should be saying 30 instead but either way big win for England that puts them in with a chance of the overall title. It’s out of their hands and they will have to wait and see how the next game goes to see who win the trophy.

France v Ireland – France by 7

Both these sides picked up good wins last weekend. I’m not sure that we learnt much from Ireland comfortably beating Italy but you can only play the side that’s in front of you.

France showed that they don’t need a lot of training sessions to click and that they have some real magicians in that side. At home I think that this young French side will take another stride forward.

Record So Far

10 from 12 or 83%, just two French picks that messed me up.

Women’s 6 Nations

The Women’s 6 Nations is also taking place with the fixtures copying the men’s tournament.

France v Ireland France by 7 
Wales v Scotland Scotland by 3 
Italy v England England by 40

Major surprise last weekend as Scotland drew with France! So I’ve had to dial back my prediction there. Also that puts Scotland as favourites against Wales for me. England now have the tournament in the bag and should get the grand slam.

BTW Italy Scotland will be on the 7th of November.

Record So Far

9 from 11 or 82%, I’m having a good tournament considering there’s a draw in there.


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