Rugby Returns to South Africa

Rugby returns this weekend to South Africa with a Super Rugby double header. That’s followed by a new concept called Green v Gold which includes a school ground style selection. Then it’s into the real rugby of the Currie Cup including Super Rugby Unlocked.

I have John joining me as we take you through all of that and also discuss the impact of playing the season in the South African summer.

For the first time I have also uploaded it as an audio podcast. You can listen to it on Patreon and you should have been sent your own personal RSS feed that you can add to your favourite podcatcher.

Thank you for being a Supporter of New Zealand Sport Radio, this is an exclusive video for you. Please let me know what other sports/topics that you would like me to cover?

Cheers Paul aka DrivinigMaul

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  1. Hi Paul just a little update the kings have gone into voluntary liquidation Now South Africa have five teams to try and make them in to fit into the pro 14 or 16 PS congratulations on your new place

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