Super Rugby AU 2020 Final Prediction

We now know tow out of the three teams that will be making the Super Rugby AU finals. The second game this weekend is all important as it’s the last game for the Waratahs.

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Courtesy of the BBC

Brumbies v Reds – Reds by 5

These two sides have already met twice in Super Rugby AU and here’s a reminder to those results.

  • Brumbies 22 – 20 Reds
  • Reds 26 – 7 Brumbies

In someways that’s a reflection on how their seasons have gone. The Brumbies started as everyones heavy favourites and got the results but weren’t really putting in the performances.

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The Reds though have grown and since their big loss to the Waratahs have put in four back to back wins. The smallest margin of victory as 12 points, so they’ve been comfortable victories too.

Even with the week off for the Brumbies meaning they are more rested it just feels like the Reds are growing whilst the Brumbies have stagnated this season. Its going to be tough for the Reds being away from home but I think they’ll take it.

Record So Far

15 from 21 or 71% so far, not so bad overall.

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