The Future of Super Rugby in New Zealand

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2 thoughts on “The Future of Super Rugby in New Zealand

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  1. You talk more common sense than most supporters and in reporters New Zealand where a lot of reporters in New Zealand misinformed people about how rugby is structured and giving people fact fantasy where they can have domestic only super Rugby competitions you are right about there’s not a blank sheet of paper The Oval Localisation of super Rugby has destroyed it. What do you have crossover games in your structure for super Rugby because South Africa is very keen on matches between New Zealand and South African teams.

    1. Yup the problem with South Africa is that there’s a tight link between Super Rugby and Curry Cup sides. That means the Super Rugby domestic derby games are just a repeat of the Curry Cup. In NZ we don’t have that issue.
      So you end up with different priorities between the 4 countries which is why there isn’t a optimal structure that works for all

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