An Armchair Supporters Guide to Scrummaging

We often hear commentators saying that they don’t know what’s going on in the scrum and that it’s the “dark arts”. That’s really not helpful when we are trying to enjoy watching the game.

I chat with Hawke’s Bay Scrum Coach about what teams are trying to do. What to look for when the scrum is going on. What different types of props will be trying to achieve and what is a good “shape” for them to be in.

I certainly learnt a fair amount during this chat and I hope you do too.

A massive thank you for being supporters of DrivingMaul it does mean the world to me.

Cheers Paul aka DrivinigMaul

Behind The Scenes videos are chats with people that we don’t see very often but are essential to bringing us the game we love to watch. Are there any other people from behind the scenes that you would like me to chat with?

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