England 2003 RWC Winners – Where Are They Now?

Back in 2003 England became the first an only European side to win the Rugby World Cup. Going into the tournament they had beaten all the big 3 Southern Hemisphere nations home and away. However there was a feeling that this might be one season too far and they were dubbed Dad’s Army.

In the end though one of the moments that stands out in the sport was to win the game. A drop goal by Jonny Wilkinson. So where are England’s heroes now?

FB 15 Josh Lewsey (Substituted off 85′)

After attempting to concur Everest, Josh is staying safe at home.

RW 14 Jason Robinson

Christian, Jason Robinson has us all in his prays to stay safe.

OC 12 Mike Tindall (Substituted off 79′)

Tindall is taking a practical approach to stave off boredom by suggesting films to watch in isolation. They are rather obscure.

IC 13 Will Greenwood

Greenwood is taking a more cerebral approach to things by hosting maths quizs.

LW 11 Ben Cohen

Ben is clearly flouting the social distancing rules. But as he chases down a man in a tight yellow lycra we can see why he is a male gay icon.

FH 10 Jonny Wilkinson

Old habits die hard and Jonny can be found practicing his kicking in the back yard.

SH 9 Matt Dawson

Dawson want’s all to have safe hands and is asking you to wash them. Also he’s taking Question of Sport online!

N8 8 Lawrence Dallaglio

Now that he’s not able to go to the brothel, he’s turned is hand at alternative commentary.

OF 7 Neil Back

Back at home Neil is first to help with the washing-up.

BF 6 Richard Hill (Substituted off 93′)

At home in Rouen, France, doing the unseen work around the house.

RL 5 Ben Kay

Kay’s handling of the situation has seen the ball dropped but he’s still seen as a winner at home.

LL 4 Martin Johnson (c)

A man of few words means he’s leading by example at home, you won’t find him on Twitter.

TP 3 Phil Vickery (Substituted off 86′)

Vickery might have departed before the game was fully cooked but he’s making sure the bread has long enough in the oven.

HK 2 Steve Thompson

After surviving several neck injuries Thompson is taking no chances with this virus and is tucked up at home.

LP 1 Trevor Woodman

Used to speaking to large audiences, he’s getting used to just speaking to the wife.

HK 16 Dorian West

Didn’t make an appearance in the final and he’s not making an appearance outside his home now.

PR 17 Jason Leonard (Substituted in 86′)

Clearly late getting into the social distancing trend! No tweets since then so we have to hope that he’s at home comatosed from drinking too much beer.

LK 18 Martin Corry

Only tweets once a year so clearly an early social distancing adopter. Not been heard from since last year so we assume he is safe in a cave somewhere.

FL 19 Lewis Moody (Substituted in 93′)

At home watching his wife throw a ball against the wall, each to their own I guess….

SH 20 Kyran Bracken

Has decided that since he is at home he should play coconut shy with his kids.

FH 21 Mike Catt (Substituted in 79′)

Over in Ireland figuring out how the Irish rugby team can attack this problem.

FB 22 Iain Balshaw (Substituted in 85′)

A busy man at the moment in fluctuating markets! Can be found trading currencies from his home office.

Coach: Sir Clive Woodward

At home trying to figure out how he can get on telly to give out of date views.

If you're reading this after the CORVID19 outbreak is over it might not make sense but I hope you have a little chuckle.

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