6 Nations 2020 Round 5 Predictions

What a 6 Nations we’ve had so far this year. First it was the weather then it was Covid19 and now it’s genital touching. The Covid19 thing though is the one that’s shaping the Championship the most. We’ve already had two games postponed and it looks like a third will be. When will these games get replayed is anyones guess. Below are my match predictions not when the games might get played.

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Wales v Scotland – Wales by 7

This is the one game that looks like it will go ahead. Ironically it’s the one game that won’t have a say in who wins the tournament. Sure Scotland can mathematically win but that requires all the below results:

  • Ireland to lose to or draw with Italy
  • England to lose to or draw with Italy
  • France to draw with Ireland
  • Scotland to beat Wales and get the TBP

Yup Scotland to score four tries after only scoring six in the four games so far. That’s not even the most unlikely thing to happen. So let’s agree that Scotland aren’t going to win the 6 Nations.

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Until last weekend when Scotland beat France I think that everyone would automatically pick Wales in this fixture. Sure Wales have been struggling to come to terms with Pivac’s new systems however Scotland had been no shakes themselves.

Does a win over a 14 man French side though really change anything? I’d say no I don’t think so. Sure Scotland can only beat the team that’s in front of them. However this is an inexperienced French side, losing Ntamack early and then the red card was too much for them to handle.

Join me straight after the final whistle for post match reaction to Wales v Scotland.

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Italy v England – N/A

This game has been postponed until….well that’s the big question. When will they be able to re-play these games?

Courtesy of the BBC

France v Ireland – France by 7

Is this game going to go ahead? It feels unlikely but at the time of writing it’s not been officially called off as far as I know.

A lot will ride on how Ntamack recovers from his failed HIA. Will he be available? The chemistry between him and Dupont is so crucial to this young French side. Without Ntamack this becomes a much closer game. Obviously they are going to be missing a prop due to suspension and with such an inexperienced squad each player lost really adds up.

Ireland have had a week off so we aren’t sure how they are reacting to their loss to England. However they have shown they are susceptible to losing the same way twice with that loss to England. France have a blue print to win, it’s just a matter of executing.

Well if it goes ahead which I don’t think it will.

EDIT – As expected this game is now postponed:

Record So Far

9 from 11 or 82%, OK France stop messing up my picks!

Women’s 6 Nations

The Women’s 6 Nations is also taking place with the fixtures copying the men’s tournament.

Wales v Scotland Wales by 3 
Italy v England Postponed
France v Ireland France by 45

The easy pick is France v Ireland, that will be a comfortable home TBP win if it goes ahead. Wales Scotland is a much harder pick. Both teams are winless so far this tournament.

Courtesy of World Rugby

In the end it was home advantage that decided it for me. I then checked the World Rankings and they back me up with Wales two places higher than Scotland.

Courtesy of the BBC

Record So Far

8 from 9 or 89%, I’m having a very good tournament.


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