A Radical Idea To Help Scotland’s Finances

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6 thoughts on “A Radical Idea To Help Scotland’s Finances

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  1. The chief executive officer Scottish rugby is the highest paid in world rugby administrator.Anyway you idea was interesting Scotland need to get a better TV provider A lot the games are on premier sport outside of the six nations in premier sports or seen as a low rated TV station very few people have it.

    1. So BT and Sky don’t have any of the November Internationals? Surprised by that

      Clearly Scotland can spend their money more wisely but this was an out there idea to increase their income 🙂

  2. The pro 14 and internationals are kind of separated from what I can See.The pro 14 TV deal is kind of alienate a lot of Wales rugby fans and probably Scottish fans As well. A lot more Irish rugby fans have eir sports it’s kind of a sister channel to Premier sport.

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