The Future Of Super Rugby Part 1

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6 thoughts on “The Future Of Super Rugby Part 1

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  1. Interesting video personally I feel that super Rugby needed to have a conference system similar to the pro 14 Basically I would’ve had a 16 teams preferably a second team from Argentina or Pacific Islands team and I would spit it in conferences of 2. eight teams in his conference And change it every two years based on the previous seasons. The problem is everyone is looking at a round robin competition with rose tinted glasses.

    1. I totally agree that everyone is looking at round robin as this golden bullet to fix things and it won’t.

      The Pro14 model does seem to be working which is good, I need to sit down and figure out if that would have increased or decreased travel. That’s the big problem for Super Rugby really, the distances and timezones.

  2. I definitely agree with the travel distance and time zone problem. I live in Sydney and oddly for me because I work afternoons and stay up all night I end up watching the games in South Africa. But I could be less than 1 in 100 people in Sydney that is actually watching those games.

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