For Your Ears Only – How To Fix Europe (Rugby)

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6 thoughts on “For Your Ears Only – How To Fix Europe (Rugby)

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  1. Hi Paul champions cup is 20 teams it Not 24 team. I think we should keep it at 20 teams in my opinion. 3 tear competition Was the Continental shield The failure of continental shield was really messed up by the Italians been they were put in charge of it and they were trying to line it up to make sure the team Italian clubs to qualify for the the challenge cup And blocking Georgia and Russian teams joining the Continental shield. There were a lot of Russian clubs wanted to join the Continental shield they could’ve possibly had four teams in it. the Spanish clubs Did not want

    to be involved in the Continental shield due to travel costs.

    Are rumours the Russians are trying to start up their own European competition called new tournament – Continental Club Rugby League. They want to play it from April 2020 to September-October and The organisers want to have clubs from Romania Germany Russia Belgium. rumours they’re the Spanish club call VRAC Quesos will be in next year’s Challenge cup.

  2. It looks like I was talking to Sparks today they’re no longer broadcasting the champions cup I hope Sky pick it up could you be a good fit for them because I’ve got a dedicated rugby channel

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