DrivingMaul v The Bookie – The Rugby World Cup Final

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2 thoughts on “DrivingMaul v The Bookie – The Rugby World Cup Final

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  1. It is so disappointing that we now get access to very little rugby news and are expected to pay now. V disappointing and people will vote with their feet. Other similar websites generate revenue via advertising.

    1. Hi Jim, last year I made $202.01 from advertising and so far this year I’ve made $150.06.
      Previously the locked posts were posted for my supporters over at Patreon.com so I’m not providing less free content. The only change has been that prediction pieces are locked until Friday and you’re now aware of what I’ve been producing exclusively for my supporters.
      Thanks for reading and btw you can become a supporter for a little as $1 a month.
      Cheers Paul

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