The Pacific Nations Cup 2019 Round 3 Predictions

The Pacific Nations Cup kicked off last weekend. Unfortunately the biggest story was the waterlogged pitch that Samoa and Tonga played on. It’s a shame that an opportunity like this to showcase the Tier 2 nations gets over shadowed in that way. Hopefully we get 3 games on decent surfaces this weekend.

Tonga v Canada – Tonga by 10

Neither Tonga or Canada have picked up a point yet in this championship. Leaking 12 tries in 2 games, you really have to question Canada’s ability to defend. Tonga I think will pick in a moral boosting win.

USA v Japan – Japan by 7

This is the clash of the round as the 2 unbeaten sides go head to head. Unfortunately I don’t think that it will live up to expectations and Japan will I think come out fairly comfortable winners. The thing is though that the USA have surprised us in the recent past so we will see.

Fiji v Samoa – Fiji by 7

Samoa will be seething after their last minute loss to the USA. Nigel Owens has apologised for his mistake when he misheard the touch judge. That could go one of 2 ways. Will Samoa produce a performance to right wrongs or will they be thinking about that call too much? Fiji could be ambushed here but they are the better team and should get the victory.


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