MLR 2019 Round 14 Predictions

MLR is making the news all around the world! Recently it’s beet talk of Bastareaud playing for RUNY. It seams unlikely that is going to happen but it’s all good publicity. You can catchup on last weekend’s action with The Runner Sports round-up.

Here is my video with my MLR 2019 Round 14 Predictions:


Glendale Raptors v Rugby United New York – Glendale Raptors by 3

5th v 4th in the table and this is a crucial game for the Raptors. They are 4 points behind RUNY but they have played 1 more game. If they lose this then they could suddenly find themselves 12 or more points back! That’s a gap they can’t afford to allow to open. Obviously the opposite applies to RUNY.

The problem for RUNY is that whilst the Raptors aren’t the force they were last year they are still formidable at home. Raptors haven’t lost at home yet this season. So for that reason I’m backing them to gain revenge for their 12 point lose earlier this season.

Utah Warriors v Austin Elite – Utah Warriors by 7

This bottom of the table clash won’t have any impact on the playoffs. These 2 teams are already only playing for pride. You have to back the home side here who beat Elite by 8 points in their opening game of the season.

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Houston SaberCats v San Diego Legion – San Diego Legion by 7

The SaberCats will know before kickoff if they have slipped behind the Warriors on the table. Either way it’s hard to see who they will get anything out of the game against Legion.

The Legion’s “worst” away result was a draw in Glendale. As I said above no-one has gone there and won yet. Legion even beat the Seawolves in Seattle. The Seawolves losing at home is as rare as hens teeth! Yup the Legion will be putting more pressure on NOLA at the top of the table.

Toronto Arrows v Seattle Seawolves – Seattle Seawolves by 5

OK I know this isn’t very scientific however it’s worked so far this season. The Arrows record is LWLWLWLWLW that means a loss is coming up. Even the postponed game has played into this story. They would probably have won that game and ruined the sequence.

Also the Seawolves only losses have come against the top 2 teams in the league. Whilst the Arrows are have a decent first season they aren’t in that category.


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