MLR 2019 Round 10 Predictions

This round will bring us to the halfway point, well for some teams it will take them past it in games played. I said last week that the bottom 3 teams only had pride to play for. Well that pride almost led to the bottom team beating the top team in the league! There are more twists and turns to come in the second half of the season it seams. Catchup on last weekend’s action with The Runner Sports round-up.

Here is my video with my MLR 2019 Round 10 Predictions:

Austin Elite v Rugby United New York Rugby – United New York by 5

Last week I backed a big win over Austin and whilst I got the win bit right it wasn’t a big one. They still haven’t won a game this season so it would be great to get one here. It’s their second to last home game of the season so for the fans it would be great.

However RUNY have really shown us what an expansion team can do. Their only loss so far this season was away to the Champions. Austin aren’t the Seawolves in Seattle and so I just can’t see them getting that elusive win here.

Utah Warriors v Toronto Arrows – Toronto Arrows by 3

The Warriors have not been getting the Ws but they are keeping games close and picking up those LBPs. So I don’t expect a blow out in this game but losing is a habit that’s had to break.

What really made my mind up about this pick though was the Arrows record. Their record so far this season is LWLWLWL yup it’s W next to keep that streak going. It also happens to be the Arrows last away game of the season! It’s 8 straight home games from here on in and they have done great to get 3 wins so far on the road.

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Glendale Raptors v New Orleans Gold – Glendale Raptors by 5

Glendale aren’t the force they were last season. They came into last season the best prepared out of all the teams and that gap has been closed in season 2. However their home record is still strong with 2 wins and a draw so far.

NOLA have been the surprise package this season. I don’t think anyone expected them to be topping the table at this point. For me they still need to prove that they can do it on the road. So far they are 2 wins from 2 games but those have been against 7th and 8th in the league. This will be a real sign if they are serious contenders for the title.

Seattle Seawolves v San Diego Legion – Seattle Seawolves by 10

Legion have been having a good season and whilst most of their games have been at home that’s not all of what their game is about. 2 games on the road so far have led to a win and a draw, importantly that draw was against Glendale.

Travelling to Seattle though is another step up. They have the best atmosphere in the league and that leads to good performances on the pitch. The Seawolves are 4 from 4 at home and I can only see that extending out to 5 from 5.


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