Bring Back Respect in Rugby

Let’s #BringBackRespect, increasingly we are seeing YouTube comments, Facebook replies, Tweets, etc… just turn into a hate fest against the “other” side.

It is a reflection of society and also social media. As we are not saying these things to people’s faces we aren’t getting the feedback be is a hurt expression or a hit in the face. Because of this people aren’t self censoring their comments. Just making abusive comments thinking they are funny

Gareth Mason brought this up in his latest video that I’ll give a link to at the end of the video and also put in the comments below. That was looking at how All Blacks and Irish supporters are going at each other in comments on his recent videos. But this applies to all fans if we are honest.

I commented on his video and someone said that they agreed that is was a society and social media issue not just rugby, they also said it was unavoidable. I hate that as words have power and if we say something is unavoidable then it will be. I know there is no silver bullet but there are small steps we can take.

  1. Pundits like Gareth and myself can help to set the tone of the conversation by being respectful ourselves. Other people who are fighting the good fight include Two Cents Rugby, The 1014, End Games, Cornflake & Unbiased rugby on YouTube and RugbyUnited on Twitter who are all linked in the notes. I’m sure to have missed people so please mention them in the comments below.
  2. Stand up for respect with videos like this and supporting people who we see being respectful.

So please help to #BringBackRespect to rugby.


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