June Internationals 2018 Round 2 Review

I review the first full round of June International games with Ashwin and Hermann. It saw the Southern hemisphere sides dominate the Tier 1 clashes. We also had a whole bunch of action amongst the Tier 2 nations.

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Results from June Internationals round 2:

Tonga 15 – 16 Georgia
Fiji 24 – 22 Samoa
JPN 34 – 17 Italy
New Zealand 52 – 11 France
Australia 18 – 9 Ireland
South Africa 42 – 39 England
Argentina 10 – 23 Wales
USA 62 – 13 Russia
Canada 10 – 48 Scotland


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  1. All three commentators on the Argentina – Wales match are spot on! Argentina were very disappointing. It is about time Hourcade (coach) steps aside and Ledesma takes over. Full credit to Wales, however. Their defense was superb!

    1. Thank you, Ledesma is new to head coaching so I think should be given time to get experience rather than throwing him in the deep end too early

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