5 Business Lessons From Uber Driving

When ever we try something new there is something to learn from it that we can apply to other parts of our lives. Quite often those things can be reminders of lessons we have learnt before but we have got into bad habits. So these are probably going to be lessons you have learnt or heard of before but they are good reminders. At the end of the day the attitudes and practices that create success don’t change.

Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

We often are rushed in life and so end up heading got meetings under prepared. Flying by the seat of your pants can be exhilarating and fun but if you look at the true professionals who are successful, they have the answers already because they have prepared. This doesn’t just count for the complex stuff but also the mundane. Things like make sure your car has a full tank of petrol at the beginning of a shift and go to the toilet before you leave home on your shift. These are things that will mean you have to take a break during your shift meaning you can’t accept a fare. As you never know when the next fare will be that can mean a long break in earning if you’re in the wrong part of town when you have to take that break.

One of the times I learnt this lesson was on Saturday during my “An Uber Drivers Week” series.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

If you get road rage then Uber driving isn’t the job for you. At the end of the day does it matter if someone jumps out at a junction and you have to break? The car in front of you is going slow as they don’t know where they are going? Not in the grand scheme of things. It’s much more important to give people space to make these mistakes and stay calm. Getting angry about these things will only distract you from what you are doing could lead to mistake where you have a crash. Suddenly your not just a couple of minutes slower but off the road for a day or more as your car is fixed. Stay focused on what you’re doing and don’t waste energy on distractions.

Concentrate On What Moves The Needle

In someways this is a combination of the previous two points. When setting up your business plan be clear about what you are aiming to achieve and make sure everything you do is targeted towards that. In the case of Uber driving it’s all about the cash from fares. Drivers aren’t doing this to gain promotion, social standing or save the environment it’s all about the dollars earned. That means even though passengers can give you a star rating and feedback via badges these are not something you should be trying to get. One of the badges for example is Top Extras or in other words bottles or water and sweets. These are extra costs that will reduce your profit. Your energy should instead be focused on driving smoothly to reduce your petrol consumption and wear on your car.


Take Pride In What You Do

No matter how simple a task might be take pride in what you are doing. Uber driving isn’t racket science, you are driving a car to where your phone tells you to, stopping to let someone get in and then driving to somewhere else your phone tells you to. There are no extra training or qualifications than the everyday driver in the street. I was told by a passenger one evening that I was a professional driver and that he couldn’t do what I did as I was cut up and kept calm. Take pride in what you are doing and have confidence in your ability and it will shine through. That is very different from being arrogant and telling a passenger that they don’t know which way to go and you are the pro so never get too big for your boots.

Everything Has A Learning Curve

No matter how simple a task seems there will always be nuances that take time to pickup. It might sound easy just to follow the blue line on the phone map. However knowing where the GPS can get confused by the muddle of roads can save you heading in the wrong direction on a motorway. Knowing which parts of town are likely to have people wanting to take trips at what time of the day takes time to figure out. Recently I was checking for duplicate votes in the New Zealand general election. One of the tasks involved flicking through voting stubs to figure out the voting paper ID that a voter had used. I can tell you that there are 3 or 4 different ways to flick though voting stubs and finding the most efficient one, when trying to find a needle in a haystack, can save hours of effort. So remember whenever you start or assign someone a new task it will take time to get up to speed and practice makes perfect.

As I said at the top, these aren’t new things but it’s good to be reminded of them from time to time to get us back into good habits and to pat ourselves on the back when we have good habits. You need to celebrate the victories however small, otherwise why are we making all that effort?

Become An Uber Driver

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