An Uber Drivers Week – Sunday

I’m a rugby pundit and Uber driver, this is day 6 of my Uber drivers week where I give you a day by day update on how I’m going. For a full description of this series read the Intro post.

If you’d like to watch rather than read, here’s my video or scroll past to read on how Sunday went.

In my head I’m expecting/aiming to earn $20/hr so for an evening session of 7:30pm-10:30pm $60.

Sunday Week so far
Online Hours

3h 28m

1d 10h 57m

$ Earned









Trip Time

1h 49m

13h 32m

Non-Trip Time

1h 39m

21h 25m




One Off Costs



Sunday was a very good evening and the first time that I have spent more time on trips that not for a shift. So what went well? I got a trip whist setting myself up in the driveway which was another first. There was a bit of a gap to my next trip but I then had a run of 5 trips with very little breaks including some back to back. That took me way out to west Auckland and areas I haven’t been before so there was some map checking on getting home. I then decided as I was so far from home and it was 10:30pm to call it a night and try to get rides back home. That was successful in taking me into the city and then I got a high surge due to a concert finishing to head home.

Learning points? Have a full tank so you can go back to back unlike Saturday night. There are surges late on in the centre of town but I kind of knew that already even if I hadn’t been able to take advantage much.

So that means $722 for the week which is below the $800 target but I only did about 35hrs not the full 40hrs. The hourly rate was just over $20/hr so that’s good and shows that there is upside if I get things right. Also I spent much more than 5hrs sorting out my medical, P Endorsement, car alterations and Certificate Of Fitness. So 40hrs is not a full week and that’s going to be closer to 45hrs which is still well below the 70hrs you are allowed to do. So 45hrs * 21$/Hr = $945 is a target that I should be aiming for.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, if you would like to try Uber driving then check out the info below. Keep in touch as I post more about my Uber experiences.

Become An Uber Driver

If you would like to become an Uber driver please use my referral code paulb47554ue and it could make us both a little more cash. Uber does change it’s referral program from time to time so check the terms when you sign-up.


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