An Uber Drivers Week – Saturday

I’m a rugby pundit and Uber driver, this is day 6 of my Uber drivers week where I give you a day by day update on how I’m going. For a full description of this series read the Intro post.

If you’d like to watch rather than read, here’s my video or scroll past to read on how Saturday went.

In my head I’m expecting/aiming to earn $20/hr so for an evening session of 7:30pm-10:30pm $60.

Saturday Week so far
Online Hours

2h 6m

1d 7h 29m

$ Earned









Trip Time


11h 43m

Non-Trip Time

1h 35m

19h 46m




One Off Costs



With a Bledisloe Cup game kicking off at 10pm I was unlikely to get my 3 hours in before then. As it was I could have done another half-hour but as I wasn’t getting trips I headed home. It started great with a trip into town from near home and then another trip soon after heading over the bridge. I could have had a back to back trip then but needed to fill-up with petrol. It then took about an hour to get another trip on the shore and that was only a short one. So I called it a night, if there hadn’t been the rugby on I would have headed into town for another hour or so.

On the costs side of things as I mentioned above I needed to fill-upwith petrol and that’s what that is. Even though I have had a lot of one off costs this week I’m still in the black if not by that much compared to the effort.

Become An Uber Driver

If you would like to become an Uber driver please use my referral code paulb47554ue and it could make us both a little more cash. Uber does change it’s referral program from time to time so check the terms when you sign-up.


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