An Uber Drivers Week – Friday

I’m a rugby pundit and Uber driver, this is day 5 of my Uber drivers week where I give you a day by day update on how I’m going. For a full description of this series read the Intro post.

If you’d like to watch rather than read, here’s my video or scroll past to read on how Friday went.

In my head I’m expecting/aiming to earn $20/hr so for a day time session of 9am-2pm that would be $100 and an evening session of 7:30pm-10:30pm $60. So a total of $160 for the day.

Friday Week so far
Online Hours

4h 21m

1d 5h 23m

$ Earned









Trip Time

2h 5m

11h 12m

Non-Trip Time

2h 16m

18h 11m




One Off Costs



I thought adding the 2 extra securing points for the cargo net in the boot was going to be a next week thing. In the end though I found someone who could do it this morning and so got them fitted for $115. That meant I could also get a Certificate Of Fitness for my car raising my costs for the day up to $211.83 but that should get me through to April next  year when the Certificate Of Fitness will have to be renewed. It also meant that I was off the road until 1pm.

The time I was on the road was very productive as can be seen from the $27/hr figure above. That has helped by 2 things, firstly in the afternoon I got back to back trips, this is when you are offered a trip before your current trip has finished. Also 2 of those were surge pricing as well, even if it was only 1.3*. That meant my hour in the afternoon was very productive.

In the evening I got a couple of early trips which got things off to a good start. However it was the thread trip that turned the day around. A $53.18 trip that took 41mins! It really did take me into the wilds and I had to put Google maps directions on to find my way back to the motorway. Sure it was half an hour to my next trip (and last for the night) but $53 for an hour and a quarter is good going especially as there was no surge pricing.

The back to back trips were a bit lucky but I put myself in the right place but there is no denying that the long evening trip was pure luck of the draw. In the end a successful day as I have only have to wait for my P Endorsement to come back from the NZ Transport Agency now to be legal after the 18th of October. Also the hours I did get in were relatively lucrative.

Become An Uber Driver

If you would like to become an Uber driver please use my referral code paulb47554ue and it could make us both a little more cash. Uber does change it’s referral program from time to time so check the terms when you sign-up.


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