An Uber Drivers Week – Wednesday

I’m a rugby pundit and Uber driver, this is day 3 of my Uber drivers week where I give you a day by day update on how I’m going. For a full description of this series read the Intro post.

If you’d like to watch rather than read, here’s my video or scroll past to read on how Wednesday went.

In my head I’m expecting/aiming to earn $20/hr so for a day time session of 9am-2pm that would be $100 and an evening session of 7:30pm-10:30pm $60. So a total of $160 for the day.

Wednesday Week so far
Online Hours

8h 22m

18h 55m

$ Earned









Trip Time

3h 3m

7h 7m

Non-Trip Time

5h 19m

11h 48m




One Off Costs



I didn’t quite reach $160 but that’s because I had a number of things that needed sorting with Uber. Uber have coffee evenings at one of the petrol stations in town so that you can  sort things out and have a coffee or hot chocolate as in my case. This meant I was out of action for a while in the evening and so I’m not worried about being $8 short of my target.

The day started really well with an airport trip followed by a pickup meaning I hit $50 in the first hour and a half. I thought I was on track to make up for yesterday not hitting my target. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out in town and I didn’t get the chain of short trips I have previously and I don’t know why.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenging day on the $ front. I’m taking my sister-in-law to the airport and so that won’t be paid. Also I need to pop into the Uber office before putting my car in to get it’s Certificate Of Fitness. I have no idea how long that is going to take out of my day.


Finally I also pass 100 trips! I learnt at the coffee evening that I’m still a newbie as someone there showed me he’d passed 5,000 trips.

Become An Uber Driver

If you would like to become an Uber driver please use my referral code paulb47554ue and it could make us both a little more cash. Uber does change it’s referral program from time to time so check the terms when you sign-up.


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