An Uber Drivers Week – Intro

I’m a rugby pundit and Uber driver, this is the first in a series of posts that will take you though an Uber drivers week.

If you’d like to watch rather than read, here’s my video or scroll past to read what I’m up to this week.

I’ve been Uber driving for about a month now and have racked up 75 trips. That’s not very many for that amount of time as I have not driven for a full week yet. There have been school holidays and working on the New Zealand Election that have got in the way.

Driving Profile

So this week I’ll be doing a full week of driving to see how much I can earn. This will not be the maximum you can earn Uber driving but a realistic amount when fitting it in around family life. What that means is that I’ll be driving:

  • 9am-2pm Monday to Friday when my daughters are at school
  • 8pm-11pm Wednesday to Sunday when my daughters are in bed. I can’t do Tuesday night as that’s when I record the #RugbyChat podcast and Monday is to prepare for it.

What that means is 5hrs*5days+3hrs*5days=40hrs or the standard working week. This should give me a good idea how this compares to a “normal job”.

Each day I’ll post how I’m going both for that day and week to date including:

  • Hours driven
  • $s earned
  • Costs such as petrol

If you have any hints, tips or comments then please let me know below.

Become An Uber Driver

If you would like to become an Uber driver please use my referral code paulb47554ue and it could make us both a little more cash. Uber does change it’s referral program from time to time so check the terms when you sign-up.

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