Let’s Talk Georgia & The 6 Nations

I have been asked for my views on Georgia joining the 6 Nations and it’s something that I have talked about in the past. However my thoughts on this subject have changed recently and so I thought it was worth talking about it again.

Here are my thoughts on Georgia joining the 6 Nations from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier.

Here are links to the articles I talk about in the video:

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Georgia & The 6 Nations

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  1. Thanks for considering the issue. However all those talks are empty. Six Nations do not wish, therefore do not plan to have Georgia in the club. Furthermore, they promised to include U20 Georgia to U20 6Ns. But, later they suggested to have managed gamed between Georgia and six nations, not real inclusion. The arrogant 6N administration is the less democratic (even anti democratic) unit in the world of sports.

    1. I think the 6 Nations needs to evolve quicker, its been the last competition to include bonus points for example. To say it’s not democratic though is not true as it is democratic for their members. Just like if you live in/from the USA then you can’t vote in the British election.

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