Let’s Talk 3 Things T2 Countries Need

One of the causes I like to champion is that of the tier 2 nations. I realised that I hadn’t talked about what they need to advance for a while so pulled together what I think are the main things they need.

Here are my thoughts on 3 key things that T2 countries need to improve their game from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier.

Here is a link to my interview with the World Rugby General Manager for Asia & Oceania.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk 3 Things T2 Countries Need

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  1. When an organization (in our case the World Rugby) designs the schedule fro 2020-2032 it means that, they need no changes.

    1. When an organization (in our case the World rugby) design the schedule for 2020-2032 take it does not want to have any visible change.

    2. There are changes but they don’t go far enough, I don’t think it’s set in stone though and if South Africa align more with Europe then it might be thrown out and done again

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