European Rugby Champions Cup 2016-2017 Catch-up Prediction

Racing and Munster are playing their postponed opening European Rugby Champions Cup. Here’s my prediction.

First here’s a link to my round-up of all the action from around the globe last weekend.

How did your round 4 predictions go?

5 from 10, a poor round for me.

Here are my 60 second prediction, read below for my thoughts behind it.

Racing Metro 92 v Munster

Racing have lost their opening 3 games in this competition which essentially means that they aren’t going to qualify for the quarter finals. With historical French disregard for European competitions it’s easy to imagine that they will rest a lot of players. With Northampton not being sanctioned for resting players in the last round of games there’s very little to dissuade them from doing this.

Obviously this will be another very poignant game for Munster as the reason that this game was postponed was Foley’s death. I fully expect Munster to raise themselves again for this game and put in another performance to respect what he was to Munster. This is fully looking like an away win.

Munster by 7


Join the #RugbyChat on twitter for an hour of discussion about the action this weekend. If you can’t make the hour then you can still give your view as the conversation keeps going over the following day.

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