2017 Predictions from #RugbyChat

The 100th #RugbyChat coincided with the start of 2017, so it was a great opportunity to get people’s rugby predictions. See how people think the year will go.

#RugbyChat is a weekly discussion on Twitter where everyone and anyone can join in. The first question for the 100th #RugbyChat was:

I kicked things off suggesting that the players will cope with the law changes just fine.

Lions came high up a lot of people’s predictions:

We also had plenty of predictions about the 6 Nations:

even if some were rather vague:

There’ll need to be a lot of Super Rugby winners to make all the predictions around that right too:



No one was willing to predict against Saracens:

Not all predictions were that serious:


Join the #RugbyChat on twitter for an hour of discussion about the action this weekend. If you can’t make the hour then you can still give your view as the conversation keeps going over the following day.

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