Rugby Thoughts EP9 – ProRugby Season 2

Overnight ProRugby made a couple of announcements on Twitter about season 2 so it seemed like a good time to get back in front of the camera and talk about them.

Here are the Tweets from ProRugby:

Have a watch of my thoughts and let me know yours below in the comments.

Since I made this video there has been news that Doug Schoninger, the owner/CEO of ProRugby is going to have talks about investing in Eastern Province Rugby Union.

This is the union that runs the Southern Kings Super Rugby franchise. At the moment they are being run by SARU due administrative issues including going broke. Some of the reports prior to the 2016 Super Rugby season included committing general meetings going on where people were excluded from one or the other. Also coaches and players weren’t getting paid. They had a really poor Super Rugby season and understandably are losing players in the offseason. Also they were nearly excluded from the Currie Cup meaning that their first game of the season had to be postponed as the courts decided if they would take part of not. In the end they did take part and lost all their games picking up 1 LBP.

This possible investment became the topic for my Morning Rugby catchup on Twitter, you can watch my immediate thoughts on this below.

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