The Rugby Championship 2016 Round 6 Predictions

We come to the final round of The Rugby Championship. As the Rugby Report Card said it’s felt like a bunch of games rather than a tournament but second place is still up for grabs. Here are my round 6 predictions.

First here is a link to my round-up of last weekend’s action form around the globe.

How did your round 5 predictions go?

2 from 2, I’m still 100% for this tournament!

Here are my predictions, read below for my thoughts on why I chose them.

Argentina v Australia

The winner of this game could very easily come second overall. I think that the big deciding factor is where this game is being held. Argentina have decided to host this game at Twickenham for presumably the extra cash that it will generate. If they get a TBP win here they could come second which would be great for the game in Argentina. That’s why I think it’s mistake to have this game where the Wallabies will be much more comfortable. Having travelled from South Africa there have been less timezones to cross and they have god memories from the Rugby World Cup of Twickenham. So I think it’s going to be a Wallabies victory but not by much and that will take them to second overall.

Australia by 5

South Africa v New Zealand

The Springboks rolled back the clock and played a traditional game against the Wallabies last weekend. That worked then as the Wallabies couldn’t break down their defence. This weekend though sees the All Blacks com to visit and it’s not at altitude. That game plan isn’t going to work this weekend and I don’t think there is any game plan that sees the Boks as likely winners. Well maybe a bit of food poisoning might help.

The All Blacks smallest winning margin has been 20 points and as this is the hardest venue added with some squad rotation that’s the winning margin I’m going for. That rotation will also have to take into account Aaron Smith being suspended for 1 game for off-field indiscretions, but that shouldn’t slow down the All Blacks machine too much.

New Zealand by 20


Join the #RugbyChat on twitter for an hour of discussion about the action this weekend. If you can’t make the hour then you can still give your view as the conversation keeps going over the following day.

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