Rugby Thoughts Ep8 – Aviva Premiership v Super Rugby Styles


Rather than just looking at the difference in styles of rugby between the Aviva Premiership  and Super Rugby, I look into some of the factors that have caused the difference. 

This video is in response to a question I got on twitter from Mark.

Here is my answer to Mark’s request.

The 1 difference that I forgot to mention is the central control of Super Rugby and how SANZAAR know they need to entertain. In contrast the Aviva Premiership is much more club focused and what is good for the club not so much the competition. For example a few years ago the Super Rugby sides were told to sort out their scrums and to stop just looking for penalties. Also a couple of years ago the Chiefs tried a new tactic of not engaging at the breakdown, so that there was no offside and players could go round the back. After a couple of games the officials had a quiet word to tell them to stop it, even if it was technically within the rules.

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