World Rugby U20s Championship 2016 Round 3 Predictions


This is the final round of group games and there will be a high-profile casualty, the only question is who is it going to be? Here are my match predictions.

First here is a link to my round-up of all of last weekend’s action.

First how did your round 2 predictions go?

3 from 6, the one big upset I went for didn’t happen.

My 30 second 1 Line Predictions with the reasoning below.

Argentina U20 v Japan U20

Argentina have looked good in this championship and are real contenders to go all the way. This should be an easy win over Japan who are the bottom seeded team currently.

Argentina U20 by 30

Scotland U20 v Italy U20

Scotland will have been very disappointed with their loss to England after getting the better of Australia. Scotland will be looking for a big win over a poor Italy to get into the middle group for the playoffs. This is important to try to get into the top 6 and a better seeding for next year.

Scotland U20 by 20

Ireland U20 v Georgia U20

Georgia have battled bravely but having scored no tries tells its own story. Ireland will be looking for the third win to take them into the Championship playoffs where they will probably meat Argentina.

Ireland U20 by 20

New Zealand U20 v Wales U20

Wales have really disappointed after a grand slam U20s 6 Nations. They got a 1 point win over Georgia where as New Zealand won by 55. New Zealand also know they need the win to have any chance of making the top group for the playoffs. That will come down to points difference so expect them to be pushing all the way to the end.

New Zealand U20 by 15

England U20 v Australia U20

England have been really impressive considering their poor U20s 6 Nations. At home and showing such goof form they will be confident going into this game. Even with 2 bonus point wins they still need to win this game to ensure their progress into the top group. Australia are another team that had high hopes after beating New Zealand heading into this game. But a loss to Scotland means that they need a win here and they haven’t shown the form.

England U20 by 10

South Africa U20 v France U20

France haven’t looked good and a loss here could see them slip into the bottom group for the playoffs. South Africa know that they need to win after their loss to Argentina to have any hope of making the top group then it will come down  to points difference. They will be gunning for a big score but we haven’t seen the play to get it. Still the win is within their grasp.

South Africa U20 by 10

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