The 500th Post

It’s amazing to think that this is the 500th post that I have published on I know that most of my readers aren’t interested in posts about writing or blogging. Still I’m going to be self-indulgent in this case and write a few words about reaching this milestone.

This blog started out as a blog for dads in Singapore, I thought that I had spotted an empty niche. Perhaps there’s a reason that niche is empty. I didn’t get many readers and most of them were mums. I wrote about places to take kids, restaurants and cultural Singapore. When we had an extended holiday in Bali I continued writing about places there for people on holiday. We relocated to Auckland and I started giving it a go here but that didn’t really take off.

Then one day I tried writing a post about rugby, something that I follow and had been actively participating in various forums and writing short stuff occasionally. Over night my numbers went through the roof and I’d found something that I enjoyed writing about that people seemed to enjoy reading. I now average several times that peak 100 view day I got as a daddy blogger. My peek is now over 1500 views in a day. It’s not all been plain sailing and getting blocked on the rugby Reddit wasn’t clever but the ups have beaten the downs.

I would love to be able to do this full-time and earn an income from something that I love doing. So far that’s still a dream/goal that is someway away as I’ve not earned anything from the blog. I did get a couple of free beers for hosting #RugbyChat in a bar in Auckland once, as only two of us turned up the return invite hasn’t arrived in the post. #RugbyChat which is a Twitter chat that I run every Tuesday has grown beyond anything I ever expected. Initially I did it purely to give people a reason to follow me. It’s turned out to be great fun and a really interesting group of people who are so knowledgeable about rugby. The reach of it blows my mind having topped 4 million in a week a few times now.

All in all thank you everybody for reading, at the end of the day it’s why us writers do it.

BTW it is still funny to think of myself as a writer. Being dyslexic means I never enjoyed essay subjects at school and I’m probably making loads of mistakes. Doing a writing course and also journalism course are on the someday to do list, so that at least I know when I’m breaking the rules.

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