Bath to become Italy’s first Super League team

Bath and Burgess have crashed Twitter today as rumours spread like wildfire!

It turns out that these rumours were seeded by Bath themselves as a smoke screen. A representative of Bath said off the record, that they couldn’t believe how successful their plan had worked in bringing down Twitter.

The two rumours were that Bruce Craig was in Dublin talking about Bath joining the Pro12.

Also that Burgess has been given time off to consider a move back to Australia.

In reality Craig and Burgess are over in Rome discussing the possibility of Burgess turning out for Italy at the Rugby League World Cup in 2017. The belief is that Bugress’s presence in the squad will garner an invite so that they can skip the annoying matter of qualification.

It appears that after the RFU refused to pay for Burgess’s transfer fee from the NRL, an unamed Italian business man stepped in. In return for an undisclosed amount Bath would engineer a crisis allowing them to exit rugby union and become Italy’s first Super League team. According to legal advice the small matter of not being located in Italy shouldn’t be an issue due to ancient Roman baths proving an ancestral link.

With no rugby World Cup in 2016 there is also the opportunity for Burgess to lock horns with Sonny Bill Wiliams again. At the time of writing it’s not clear which country Burgess might represent in 7s at the Olympics. However he has stated that nothing has been promised and he will have to earn his stripes before getting selected.

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