Rugby World Cup 2015 Final Prediction

So here we are approaching the end. It’s been a great month and a half of rugby and I only hope that the last two games are too. Here are my predictions.

First here is a link to my Semi Finals review.

How did the Semi Final predictions go?

1 from 2, I over thought my predictions.

South Africa v Argentina

I made this prediction before I was aware of the extent of the injuries for Argentina. As I said I over thought my semifinals predictions and this one basically comes down to that. Argentina have played the more attacking rugby and could cut the Boks to pieces. However they have also looked much better when Hernandez has been playing and his loss will be felt.

South Africa have already said how little they are looking forward to this game and it’s going to be interesting to see the selection. That makes this perdition a bit of a lottery but that’s of the fun of it. I’m expecting them to take it seriously especially after that loss to Argentina at home earlier in the year. That should be motivation enough.

South Africa by 5

New Zealand v Australia

Finally the main event and we have the two best teams making the final. These two met in the Rugby Championship and won one each. That first game New Zealand didn’t earn the right to play and some players avoided the bash. Australia dominated the break down and gave the All Blacks a bloody nose. The return game gave the All Blacks the chance to answer some critics and that they did with increased intensity.

At the Rugby World Cup Australia have had a tough route to the final and must be feeling the pain of those games. The quarter final raised a bunch of questions that were answered against Argentina where they worked out their opposition. New Zealand thrashed France but were much more controlled against South Africa with only 3 offloads. Was that due to the opposition and conditions or tightening up as the final approaches?

That question is the one that worries me but I feel that the All Blacks are the best team in the world and will take a close game against a tired Wallabies.

New Zealand by 3

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The European Rugby Champions Cup and European Rugby Challenge Cup start soon, I’ll be posting my predictions and reviews of all rounds. Click on the competition to join in the predicting fun.

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